Teens Across The Globe Reveal 8 Companies That Are Too Cool To Work!

dream companies

​​Almost everyone hunts for dream companies that cater to their exact needs and wants, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Outlined below are eight dream companies that have been labelled as the ‘coolest’ places on earth by their teenage fans!

Dream companies

  • Amazon: Everybody loves this retail store and cloud computing company, for it offers almost every kind of product on earth and at very affordable prices too!
  • Hyperloop One: It is on the way to inventing a safer, yet superfast, pneumatic tube transportation system.
  • Blizzard Entertainment: As the name suggests, this establishment keeps its video games, especially the World of War Craft, updated. It is easy to become lost in the storylines created by the games!
  • Apple: Which teenager does not love to possess an iPhone, iPad or Mac nowadays? Well, this establishment has gone out of its way to provide technology suitable for all ages.
  • Supreme: It is popular for the street wear apparel seems to cater to individual personalities and tastes. The casual-looking sweatshirts, caps, etc, are suitable for everyday wear, yet, stylish in their own way.
  • Spotify: It offers the best way to listen to all your favourite tunes, wherever you are. The application is viewed as a digital music behemoth by besotted adolescents, for it permits the streaming of millions of songs!
  • THINX: No, it has nothing to do with the ‘brain’ or ‘mind’, but with unusual undergarments. The establishment’s customers are predominantly female, who are keen to find innerwear that is both, innovative and hygienic in nature. The clients even adore the unique advertisements put out by the company!
  • Northside Media Group: This establishment publishes the Brooklyn Magazine, as well as organises the famous Northside Festival in Brooklyn. The Festival is a revelation, for it focuses on films, virtual reality, media politics, art displays, arcades, etc. The speakers include senators, celebrities, authors, etc.

These are dream companies for teenagers. Apart from these, teenagers also profess their adoration for Netflix, which permits streaming of movies and TV shows; Snapchat, the messaging and video app offered by Snap Company; and Space X, which designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets for space explorations.

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