This Is How A 6 Years Old Girl Explained GREEN COLOR To A Blind Man

Green color

GREEN COLOR – Once upon a time there was a man who was blind from his birth.

He wanted to know what colours look like and this was something which was really making him curious about looking at things. As he could not see anything soon his curiosity got converted into frustration.

He often used to walk-up to a nearby park and sit there for hours quietly.

His curiosity started increasing at a fast pace and so did his frustration. A lot of children used to play around him but one of the 6 years old girls observed him on the daily basis, sitting quietly and thinking about something. His sad eyes and poker face gave her a hint that there was something that was troubling him. It had been around 15 days that she was looking at him like that; she soon couldn’t hold her questions inside and decided to talk to him about his problem.

She went up to him and asked him if there was anything he was unhappy about to which he replied “I am a blind man and I just want to know what GREEN COLOR is”.

The girl got really confused that how can somebody describe a color to someone. She had no answer of reply so she quietly went away from there.

She did not come to the park for the next five days which further bothered the blind man. After these 5 long days the girl came to him with an answer. She asked the blind man to come to the park at 5 in the morning, she also asked him to listen to everything that she says after she promised to give him an answer to his question.

As per what the girl said the man reached the park at 5 in the morning on the same bench where he usually used to sit. The girl came to him and asked him to remove his shoes; the man got confused but remembered that the girl had asked him not to ask any questions. He removed his shoes and as he did that the girl held his hand and took him on the grass. The man suddenly smiled as he touched the morning grass with dew on it. The girl said that this fresh grass in the morning which has touched his heart is the GREEN COLOR. She further added that the dew on the grass is the GREEN COLOR. She asked him to face upwards and feel the breeze around him, his smile increased. She said that though this breeze has no color but only if it had, it would have been the GREEN COLOR.

She told him that colors are beautiful and so beautiful that they have no words made for them which can define them in the same glory as their appearance. She said that colors are meant to be felt and not expressed.

This touched the heart of the man and he finally got the answer to all his queries, confusions and questions. He thanked the little girl for giving him peace as both of them headed –off to their houses smiling.

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