The Complete Navratri 9 Days Diet Planner

Navratri diet plan

Navratri diet plan – There is not much days left to Navratri and we are rolling up our sleeves to shake a leg in the Garba function being dressed to the nines.

Navratri is the time when we soak ourselves up in festive hues, this is the time when you meet and greet with your relatives and share light hearted moments with them. Navratri is all about spreading the love through gifts and food. Coming to food, we sometimes go overboard driven by the festive frenzy and  our health bears the brunt later.

Your digestion can be at stake after indiscriminate intake of calories for nine consecutive days so here are some clever ways you can enjoy the festivities without adding inches to your stomach.

Navratri diet plan –

This Navratri diet plan that we are going to discuss about here is for the ones who would keep a fast during Navratri too. This Navratri diet plan will help them detox. The Navratri fast has a scientific reason behind it. It is said that around this time of the year, the body needs to get rid of a lot of toxins which will bolster the immunity levels. So, your should be on a pre-meditated diet on which you can get the maximum physical and spiritual benefits.

If you consider mindful eating, you are likely to feel healthy and lively.

Navratri diet plan –

Day 1 diet:

Breakfast: Cinnamon Milk, Kuttu Cheela with Paneer stuffing.

Mid-day snack: Coconut water, apple

Lunch: Vegetable Sabudana Khichdi

Evening snack:Shakarkandi Chat

Bedtime: Baked Sabudana cutlet, tea

Day 2 diet:

Breakfast: Banana Lassi, Baked Sabudana and Aloo Vada

Mid-day snack: Green tea, guava

Lunch: Kuttu Chapatti, Dahi Vale aloo, pomegranate raita

Evening snack: Grilled Paneer with mint chutney

Bedtime: Lauki ki kheer.

Day 3 diet:

Breakfast: Makhana Porridge

Mid-day snack: Lemonade, Papaya

Lunch: Sawankh Rice Pulav, Mint Raita

Evening snack: Mixed fruits with hung curd and honey

Bedtime: Paneer ki kheer

Day 4 diet:

Breakfast: Yoghurt with nuts and raisins

Mid-day snack: Orange juice with pulp

Lunch: Lauki ki sabzi, Rajgira roti and apple raita

Evening snack: Makhane ki kheer

Bedtime: Rajgeera Kheer

Day 5 diet:

Breakfast: Cheeku milkshake, grilled arbi cutlet

Mid-day snack: Mint lemonade, Pear

Lunch: Aloo gravy with Kuttu roti, Pineapple Raita

Evening snack: Baked banana with chips

Bedtime: Badam milk

Day 6 diet:

Breakfast: Skimmed milk, Vrat ke laddu

Mid-day snack: Pineapple juice with pulp

Lunch: Baked Sabudana, Potato tikki, curd.

Evening snack: Kuttu pakoda and imli chutney

Bedtime: Fruit cream

Day 7 diet:

Breakfast: Plain milk, namkeen amaranth dahlia

Mid-day snack: Buttermilk, Apple

Lunch: Kuttu aloo paratha, fruit Raita

Evening snack: Aloo chat

Bedtime: Kesar and Almond milk

Day 8 diet:

Breakfast: Lassi, Sabudana Poha

Mid-day snack: ginger ale, guava

Lunch: Dahi wale arbi, kuttu puri

Evening snack: Roasted Paneer

Bedtime: Sabudana kheer.

Day 9 diet:

Eat Puri, chana, kheer to your heart’s content.

This is the comprehensive Navratri diet plan for all the fast-keepers there.

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