Who Is Crazier: The People Who Built These Bikes Or Those Who Ride Them?

bikes and bicycles

There is a gallimaufry of bikes and bicycles available in the auto market around the world.

Apart from the regular bikes that we ride on the road, there are a host of others which are unique, and up to some extent peculiar!

We bring a list of 7 bizarre bikes and bicycles from across the world. We leave it to our readers to decide if the people who designed these were weird or the one who ride these are fanatical! But we must admit, these crazily built bikes are innovative too and some also hold various world records!

1)      The brainchild of L.A. cinematographer Richie Trimble, the Stoopidtall is the tallest bicycle in the world, which stands more than 20 feet in height! This is a treat for those who wish to paddle in the air!



2)      After the tallest bicycle, we have the biggest bike of the world. Named GUNBUS 410, it measures 11.3 feet in length. With a saddle height of 31.5 inches it weighs 1433 lbs.


3)      With a length of 13 ft. 5 inches, the bike built by Steve Martino from New York is the longest bike of the world.


4)      The world’s smallest bicycle is under production by the Bike Intermodal. Expected to weigh about 7.5 kgs, this bicycle would fold up to the size of a brief case. This vehicle would also break the record of the world’s lightest bike.


5)      The next in our list of bizarre vehicles is the deadly combo of a car and a bike. The Deco Liner Zephyr Sedan that comes with a matching Deco Scoot fully customized Harley Davidson, is undoubtedly a unique and innovative idea!


6)      How about carrying a small home like compartment with your bike? Mike Smith of Lancaster had built a bike, some 35 years ago, that had an attached small wooden cubicle to accommodate one person and a few of his belongings!


7)      The next one in our list is not really weird. But with a sleek design, it is definitely different. We are talking about the solar-powered bikes which store solar energy for future use.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a bucket-full of other bikes that come in various shapes and sizes. The most amazing shapes include that of a burger, bison, locust, rocket, skeleton, shopping cart, and more. The Santa Claus bicycle needs a special mention here which copies the Santa Claus’ sleigh design!

These vehicles certainly look different and the idea of riding them may also make one uncomfortable. But, these bikes and bicycles are the result of some great imagination and creativity. We salute the people who conceptualized it!

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