Creativity At Its Best! These Cool Bikes Of The Future Remind Us of Sci-Fi Movies!

Motorcycles of future – If you’re a bike aficionado, then you will definitely have a dream of riding one of those super bikes that appear in sci-fi movies!

Every motorcycle buff will admit that there is some connection between bikes and sci-fi movies.

Be it the Light Cycle from the movie Tron, or the Bat Pod from Batman, each of those deadly machines completely awed us with their awesome design & features.

How we wished we could strap in and hit the road with one of those macho bikes.

Thanks to technology, the future of motorcycles seems promising, and we might be lucky enough to own a revved up machine.

Listed below are few futuristic bikes that are highly functional & creative, and remind us of those monstrous vehicles that appear in sci-fi films:

  1. Small, Fast, & Electric-powered

The Halbo-Future Duo-Wheel BMW is an amazingly small motorcycle offering blazing fast speeds. Designed by the famous Pierre Yohanes, this bike has a stationary front wheel, while the back tail can turn, thus offering the driver a motorboat riding experience. What’s more, the vehicle is electric-powered, and hence a boon for the eco-minded people.


  1. Jaguar-shaped

The Jaguar M-Cycle doesn’t have the term jaguar only in its name, but its outer design is also in the shape of the Jaguar car manufacturer logo. Measuring a massive 8 feet in length, the body of this speed demon flaunts an ebony lacquered fiberglass over dazzling stainless steel.   


  1. Sits upright when parked

Keeping in mind the practical problems of parking in metropolitan cities, designer David Miguel crafted the Scarab Motorcycle that utilizes space in a crowded parking lot. The unique feature of this vehicle is that it can sit completely upright, and as many as 3 Scarabs can accommodate in a standard sized car parking space.  


  1. Box-shaped

Truly peculiar and different from all its counterparts, the Nuclear Motorcycle appears like a weird box when parked. However, it’s amazing to see the way it extends its wheels and raises the saddles once it starts rambling on the road.


  1. Three-wheeled

One may wonder that how does a three-wheeled vehicle qualify to feature on this list? Well, this incredibly clever motorcycle, known as Magic Tricycle, has an interesting form factor. Once it lies on its side, it uses all its 3 wheels exactly like a car. Alternatively, it can also stand upright with the third wheel on top, thus providing the owner an opportunity & feel of driving a motorcycle.


Apart from the above-mentioned bikes, there are a handful of other motorcycles that boast of intimidating designs, bleeding-edge specs, and mind-boggling performances. Time will tell whether we would be able to hop on to one of these spinning beauties. However, if given a chance, which sci-fi movie bike would you like to lay your hands on? Think about it and let us know by posting your views in the comments box below!

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