10 Most Coolest and Hip Looking Celebs of Indian Cinema! They Sure Are Our Style Gurus!

Bollywood is no short of glitz and glamour, given the fashion cautious stars that we have today!

Each one of them exhibits loads of oomph and keeps impeccable style on display, be it on the huge silver screen, the star studded award ceremonies or just a regular day out!

And that is the reason, all of us find our style gurus in Bolly stars. We put them under the radar, every moment and take notes from what they wear, what brands they endorse, what hairdos they sport and what is their signature style.

Here, I am going to talk about a 10 most stimulating personalities of B-town, who inspire us to stay stylish and to walk ahead in the fashion dome with a head held high.

In other words, the celebs who are our Bollywood Style Gurus.

1. Rekha

How can I talk about style, oomph, signature dressing and not talk about Rekha, the one and only original Diva of all times. She is a timeless beauty in real sense. The ageless wonder that Hindi Cinema Industry has bestowed us with. She has managed to keep us hooked to herself. Be it for her elegant adakari adorned in shimmery lehngas in Umraojaan, or her ultimate fashionista avatar decked in all ultra modern attires and over the top makeup, which did not look even a bit over the top on her sculpted face, in Khoon Bhari Maang, she floored us each time she appeared on screen. Also, her appearance off the screen is always a treat, each time she decides to walk in her breathtakingly beautiful pure Kanjivarams and stunning traditional jewellery. Rekha oozes understated vivacity and sexiness. The years have gone by, but they have not corroded her style or the way in which she carries herself. Never before have we seen so much of dignity and elegance in a woman. A lot to learn from her.


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