Honest Reasons Why College Relationships Are Bad

Why relationship in college doesn’t work – Everyone thinks that college dating is fun. Well, it’s not. As a matter of fact, it drastically changes you as a person. It is important that you come to a decisive conclusion before dating someone in college.

Dating is fun in college, everybody thinks. Boom! (That was the bomb I dropped on you because dating in college absolutely sucks.)

Of course, I have reasons to justify my belief.

It does not matter whether you are a fresher or just one year away from graduation. College dating blows. Big time!

As a matter of fact, it drastically changes you as a person, if the relationship fails.

Read through the genuine reasons to come to a decisive conclusion on #collegedating.

One of the very first reasons I believe dating in college is bad is because your relationship never remains a secret. You cannot conceal everything that you do in a relationship. Even if you willingly spread a word about your relationship status, what answer would you give the others, in case the affair dies? You will spend the next few weeks looking for a place to hide from everyone.

Another reason to skip college dating in the modern world is because there is no such thing as monogamy. Guys are guys and some girls are just out looking for fun. Hormones on both the genders are at an all-time high. A proverb like “too many fish in the pond” is a common belief among students. Someone cheats on the other at all times.

Imagine you walking the college corridors when one of your friends runs up to you and asks, “Sunny! Main suna tu aur Meena kal se ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ ban gaye.” Did they just label me, would be your first thought, which is also common in college. And be prepared to face the wrath of it when the word spreads further.

There are often emotions that people call ‘the feels’; whoever has it, has the advantage in the relationship. Regardless of whether you are in a serious relationship or a casual one, this individual has the power to call it quits.

Human emotions are never at their prime during college times. Picture both of you graduating and moving into the real world where there are other bachelors looking to hook up. Would you treat one another with cold and hot behaviour? Future needs to be looked into before getting into a relationship in college.

Believe me, people. Relationships in college are as fickle as they can be. Eventually, you are going to end up with a long list of exes that might generate issues with your future spouse. You don’t want that you happen now, do you?

I have seen couples breakup over petty issues like their education background. “Maine Engineering ki hai; zyada paise kamaunga. Tune Arts kiya hai, wahin ka ladka dhoond le”. It happens!

Maturity in relationship is pivotal, which does not come in college.

Patience is the true virtue and can help you find the right partner when the time is right.

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