Main Beti Paida Nahin Karunga

Say no women's day

Today I want to announce to the world that “ Mein beti paida nahi karunga ” and I also request the society to call for #saynowomensday. I have seen many cases where girls are raped, I have seen many candle rallies, and I have seen it all but I know that this is never going to stop. Many people have expressed their condolences, many political parties have assured me but I know that society will never change.

देख तेरे संसार कि हालत क्या हो गयी भगवान, कितना बदल गया इंसान’

I know that there have been several attempts made by NGOs, Government etc. for asking people to save the girl child, beti bachao beti padhao etc. but it makes no sense to me and I don’t want to even talk about the facts or case studies or anything. When I expressed this to my wife, she instantly expressed her displeasure; I think she was unable to understand my logic. It is said that Samaaj (society) har waqt sahi hota hai and that’s why I just want to ask the society, you tell me why should I have a girl child?

Isiliye taki jab mein usse school bheju tab mujhe dar sataye ki kahin woh bus ka conductor ya driver, uss masoom ko apni havas ka shikar na bana le! Arre woh masoom hai usse kuch bhi nahi pata usse to baksh do

Ya isiliye taki jab who college ke bahar bus stop par khadi ho to kuch kaminey uska aankho se balatkar kare!

Ya isiliye taki jab tak who ghar na aaye, mein so na saku, yehi darr se ki kahin nirbhaya ki tarah iska bhi gang rape na ho jaye!

Ya isiliye taki jab wo apne ladke doston ke sath sabhyata purna khadi ho, phir bhi log usse kalankit nazron se dekhe!

Ya ilsiliye taki mujhe use bachpan se samjhana padhe ki kuch kism ke kapde mat pehen na, warna jo tere sath kuch galat hua, to samajh culprit ko nahi balki tere kapdo ko doshi manega,

Ya isiliye taki kuch aaware ladke bhare bazaar mein us par acid fekne ki dhamki de, aur pura bazaar napunsak ki tarah wahi khada dekhta rahe!

Ya isiliye taki jab woh Holi ke din bahar rang khelne jaye, tab kuch ginhone log rango ke bahano se usse shoshit kare

Ya isiliye taki jab who pregnant ho to mujhe usse batana pade ki “beti, beti paida mat karna”

I have seen VHP asking me to produce 4 children, and I will do that but do you guarantee me that she will be unharmed. I have seen Moral Police protesting against Valentine’s Day, or the pub culture, in this democratic country you have every right to protest, but has any moral police come up openly announcing that if any one behaves indecently with any women then you will have to face severe consequences. At one hand we worship Shakti during the Navratri but what about it during the rest 356 days! I am not the only one who is worried about this, but almost every parent I know thinks about this.

I have learned that it’s wrong to expect from anyone to do anything, because finally she will be just my daughter, and not the society’s, and I know that I won’t be able to protect her from the anti-social elements or the society as a whole. So, I urge to all my fellow Indian parents (son and daughter of the great Maa Bharati) to not give birth to any girl child.

Every year in India, we have 15 lakh female infanticide cases, and we the parents are not the only one to be responsible, somewhere it’s your mistake too.

Soon we will not have any girl child and any women.

No girl child, no women, #saynowomensday  

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