Top 5 Condom Brands Being Used In India! And Why Are They Famous!


Yeah, yeah! You may turn red at the chemist’s store while buying them since for most people buying a condom case is tougher than passing an IAS exam! LOL!

But, thanks to efforts by condom companies to break the taboos and promote elimination of STDs and other congenital diseases amongst the people of the country, slowly people are realizing that condoms are not just a contraption for protection, they help you avoid sudden pregnancies as well. Meanwhile, you can have fun with your partner – crazy, wild and long-lasting fun!

Here are India’s top-5 condom brands and the reasons why they are famous:

  • Deluxe Nirodh (Government Distribution) – Since time immemorial, even before you were born, this brand took birth! It is our government’s initiative to make condoms reach each every household and fit everyone’s budget. The brand is probably famous for two things… Celebrities endorsed it in old movies and secondly, this brand is most popular amongst the rural folk since its cheaper – no frills but does its job!
  • KamaSutra Condoms – The name speaks for itself! The name made it more famous probably! Satisfying your carnal desires just like images of Khajuraho was made possible due to this brand! They were the first brand in India to introduce ribbed and dotted condoms! You should be proud!
  • Durex Condoms – The Company (Reckitt Benckiser) may be from England, but it made waves in India thanks to its long-lasting and easy-on series that helped couples with anxiety to make love for longer and put on a condom more easily thanks to special lubricants. Durex is famous for its various advertisements that portray how good condoms really are!The brand is so popular that they even supplied free condoms to athletes in the 2012 summer Olympics as well! They register the 2nd largest worldwide sales after Trojan condoms. 
  • Moods Condoms –This brand made a massive footing in India since it is manufactured by Hindustan Lever – a brand trusted for its healthcare products.HLL is India’s largest condom manufacturer and the ads for this brand generated a lot of heat with raunchy models and explicit lovemaking scenes that made people believe how effective these actually were! Their flavoured condoms and extra-long condoms amongst the Skin range became an instant hit with people in no time! 
  • Manforce Condoms – Sunny Leone made this brand famous in days! Her extra-oomph ads highlighting the oomph-factor of these flavoured condoms made the country’s youth go gaga over this brand! Manforce has the largest collection of scented and flavoured condoms ever! A black grapes favour is available too! 

Here is a fun fact: It is estimated that around 5,000,000,000 condoms are used every year worldwide! Just imagine if condoms weren’t there, how many illegitimate and unwanted pregnant women would be out there and how many STDs like Aids and Herpes they might be affected with!

Thanks to the ingenious ideas of these brands for promotion and targeting users who are afraid to use condoms, India is slowly getting safer. No longer is our country oblivious to the efficacies of condoms and their long-term benefits.

Wear a condom! Be safe and act wise before things go out of hand!



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