These Zodiac Signs Have The Worst Mood Swings

Worst mood swings

Worst mood swings – Mood is like sensex, it’s graph is ever changing.

By virtue of the same, sometimes you feel irritable, sometimes put up a detached front from the world and sometimes you are in your best communicative self. People, that have mood swings will be both, a cold hearted asshole or a beautiful soul. Different people belonging to different zodiac signs have distinguishable character traits.

There are zodiac signs that are so moody who would proscribe you from entering into their personal universe. In the next moment itself, they will wear the brightest smile and warm up for you.

These mood swings are involuntary and here are the zodiac signs that are infamous for their worst mood swings:

Worst mood swings zodiac signs


Cancer is the moodiest of all and will always seem lost in their thoughts. Albeit they have deep emotional connect with people but similarly, they respect their personal space a lot. Cancer is that complex machine who are not easily understood. They have their own shell which they will snuggle into to secure themselves from the external harm. They are way too afraid of being harmed emotionally or their emotional balance wrecked. A Cancer, hence will snap all ties with you and refuse to respond in case angry or moody. A Cancer does not need a reason to be moody.


The basic difference between a Cancer and a Scorpio in terms of being moody is that the Scorpio needs a reason to be moody. Scorpios are the tempestuous balls of emotions who, like Cancer are misunderstood a lot for their unpredictable behavior. Worse, when a Scorpio gets moody, they can hit the bottom of it and show you the door right away. They love their personal space and that is the inner-breath of their charm. They like to feed information to their brain to strike the most productive conversation. Being a control freak and perfectionist, a Scorpio is always on the fear that they are losing. So, they will have the worst emotional lows when they feel that way.


Taurus are moody because they want to avoid conflicts. They are not at all good at slanging matches or surfacing their anger so they just stay put. A Taurus can go from absolutely talkative to completely silent when they are having mood swings. However, Taurus will always have a propensity to prove their point and sometimes be vocal about their thoughts. When they will see that their thoughts are not being communicated or responded, they will clam up.


Virgos act weird when they are moody. Such as, at one time they will make you feel that you are very much wanted and the next moment they will send out a signal that you are being clingy. When pissed, a Virgo might shut down and not even look at your direction.

These zodiac signs will give you no legit reasons why they are behaving in such a different manner. Know for sure, that they are having the worst mood swings.

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