5 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Good Sense Of Humour

sense of humour

Sense of humour – Few people in our life are just meant to become the reason of our smile.

Isn’t it amazing like how someone can make you laugh so hard that your belly start to pain? Astrology says that some people have a really good sense of humour which make others laugh. These personality traits are determined by our zodiac signs.

So, today we bring you the list of the zodiac signs which are known to have a good sense of humour.

sense of humour


The first zodiac sign of astrology is Aries, and with a sarcastic human nature they come first in this list as well. Arians pass the sarcasm so perfectly that not everybody can understand their jokes. Aries do not let anyone, and pass their witty yet not offensive remarks to everybody. The speciality of Arians are their words and their timings too, they use their humour at the perfect time and with this, even the most serious person on the earth would die laughing.


With a serious persona Taurus people also have a big ocean of sarcasm. They do not let anyone go from their evil trolls, and they can cross any limits to do that to somebody. They are not only a good joke maker but also laughs a lot on someone’s else joke. The most vulnerable thing about them is that they can prank anyone and would not laugh while doing it.


Geminis don’t make jokes in front of the targeted person, they preferably crack jokes at the back. They think that a joke might make others aggressive, they fear that a fight would happen because of their jokes. Their jokes are not sarcastic like Aries or Taurus people, Geminis jokes are so easy to understand that a child can also laugh on it.


Like their personality, Leo people are cheerful and the life of a party. The good sense of humour can easily make place in others heart and Leos are really good at it. Their jokes are not so good all the time but their timings are so perfect that everyone laughs a lot. The only bad part of their joke is that not everyone gets it, only grown-ups and mature would understand. 


Scorpions are the best joke makers nobody can win against them in a trolling competition. They can beat anybody very easily with their sarcasm and when it comes to cracking joke or trolling somebody. They get little embarrass or awkward when someone else make fun of them but they take revenge with even more trolling. 

So, these zodiac sign natives have the best sense of humour and can make anyone laugh at any kind of situation. If you have any friend of any of these zodiac sign so just keep in mind that at hard times they might become the one who can make you smile no matter what the situation is. Also, in a world full of stress and tension we all need good jokers in life. These zodiac sign people can be the best medicine for your stress and tension.

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