7 Things That Are Free In Your Country But You Have To Buy Them In Other Countries

Free in your country but buy in other countries

Free in your country but buy in other countries – Everyone feels safe and free in their own country.

Love for the nation is similar to the attachment we feel for the home. Maybe while living in our own country we never notice that attachment, but it exists somewhere in our hearts.

Being an official citizen of a particular country, every citizen has had some rights or you may say privileges.

Here is a list of things that you can consume free of cost in some particular countries whereas you have to pay for the same if you are in another country.

Free in your country but buy in other countries –

  1. Parking In Greece

Parking in Greece is almost free of cost where you have to pay for it in countries like UK and India. Now, that would have been a problem solver for most of us if it ever happened here.

  1. Mineral Water In Slovakia

Every region of Slovakia has abundant mineral water resources and they are open to everyone and free to drink but in other countries, you have to pay an amount to have mineral water.

  1. Free Health Care In United Kingdom

If you are a citizen of UK and you get ill, despite your financial status, you will be designated with to the best quality medical care, that too completely free of any charge. While in some other developed countries you have to pay high amounts depending on your disease.

  1. Luggage Trolley In India & Sri-Lanka

In countries like India and Sri-Lanka, you do not have to pay for luggage trolleys at airports or shopping malls. But in countries like UK and Singapore, you have to pay for luggage trolley.

  1. City Bikes In Paris

In Paris anyone can get a city bike to hang around for 30 minutes, they will charge only in case the bike is damaged or stolen otherwise it is completely free.

  1. TV and Radio License Fee In India

If you live in India you do not have to pay to own a television or radio, here you just had to pay a fee to your cable operator to provide you with the service of various channel but if you are in Germany you are obliged to pay an annual license fee to own a radio or television.

  1. IVF in Russia

Fertility procedures, consultation, and treatment regarding IVF are all free in as it promotes the increase of population whereas in other countries it is not free.

Free in your country but buy in other countries – Now, we can’t live in all of this countries but blessed are those who are enjoying what they are getting for free, right?

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