Why Should You Trust Yourself Before Your Fortune?


Blaming fortune for every mishap of your life shows the causes of incapability rising because of the lack of information or confidence of accomplishment.

Whenever you find anyone blaming his or her fortune and showing regret because of any unexpected problems. Not being able to complete any task successfully you trust yourself before your fortune. Lack of confidence or trust leads to difficulties in achieving anything, while it is really foolishness to blame your fate and fortune.

Blame your capability, if you are not doing well in your job.

Often people start blaming their fortune, while they lack the capacity for doing better in their working field. They escape from admitting the truth that they do know very less about the respective working field where they are spending their time eventually. Finally, they are finding no progress in their work, so there is also a drawback in uplifting their career.

Instead of blaming your fortune to put you in such a disastrous position, you find yourself nowhere. One should try to find out; where the problem that is pulling you down, one should try to work on the drawbacks if you want to move further in your existing field.

Wait! Think for a while over your career. Maybe you want to do something different that pulls your attention to work earnestly and concentrate on your work, learn as well as provides you with the confidence to work better to make a better career. Find out the right career for yourself, trusting yourself is more worthy then depending or blaming your fortune.

Not Happy about or in your life. You blame your fortune. You trust yourself before your fortune.

You are not happy, not with your friends, your partner or your family, everything upsets you and finally, it’s your fortune that you are surrounded by unhappiness. “Happiness depends on yourself if you want to stay happy you can it for yourself. Simple like a cup of coffee that you make it for yourself the way you like, adding sugar more or less with milk amount of your choice, make it stronger or lighter once again depends on the way you want to have your cup of coffee”.

Life is like your favorite cup of coffee prepares it like the way you want, nothing can make you happy unless you want to stay happy. Friends, family and partner altogether relationships of any kind requires your commitment and attention, while if you lack anything of these or somehow careless about it may lead to various differences that finally become hard to solve, again without trying to work on yourself you blame your fortune, instead of trying to trust on yourself.

You are not rich! So you wait for your fortune to take a turning point.

Obviously when you see someone richer then you, their style of living hits your mind, you start finding them to be lucky then you while studying from the same place and brought up in the similarly. So if you look into their past and present mode of work and lifestyle you can easily find out that it’s their intelligence, desire to do something better while you relate to a career.

You will observe that though you are trying hard they aim to be far clearer about their motive in life. What they want and how will they work to achieve the goal? Whatever they have earned to become richer is through their hard work and proper professional approach.

So, if you find yourself in any such point then instead of blaming yourself on your fortune you should be inspired from them and no doubt you will get something good in your favor to earn better and live better while only when you trust yourself before your fortune

You are superstitious.

Superstition is one of the stronger barriers to progress in your life. Sometimes it is found that any obstruction is directly related to the superstitious beliefs and it is related to your fortune, your bad luck. In modern days it is very difficult for a superstitious person to work or survive in a healthy manner as always you will have mental struggle whether to do or not, which not only causes the lack in confidence but also slowly you will find that you have ended up almost doing nothing,

So, before relating anything to the superstitious beliefs one should think practically the pros and cons of any situation that will end up to make progress in your careers and life. Overcoming from the blames luck, or just because you did not follow the rules of superstitious beliefs that led to obstruction, build your confidence, think practically and work accordingly.

You are an emotional fool.

Check your emotions first. Do you easily get upset through the harsh words spoken by your boss? Sometimes it is fine to be upset when you have to listen to harsh words but the most important part is to try to explain yourself “Were you worthy of it”? Why were you bound to hear to such things? Don’t blame your fortune like “it’s my bad luck that I had to hear this” but you should say”What is my fault and how to rectify my faults? So that such situations are never repeated in your life once again.

If you are an emotional fool somehow or the other you will blame your luck instead of finding out the problems that are required to be solved and you will continue to live your life in the same way rather simply staying or living like an emotional fool. Once again in this way without trying to rectify yourself and resisting yourself from being an emotional fool, you will create a never-ending barrier for yourself.

So, once you find yourself in difficulties instead of sitting back and blaming your fortune or waiting for your fortune to provide you with more benefits that will end up putting you into disaster, few people honor such as “Lazy or coward”. Overcome from these emotional traps, built a world of trust, confidence and self-dependence with that will make your life easier and lift higher.

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