These 7 Photos Of Krishna Shroff Will Make You Fall For Her Some More


Krishna Shroff has became quite talk of town. Recently too she broke the internet by sharing her sexy pictures from her photo shoot.

She is very active on social media sites and especially on Instagram.

The number of comments and likes are the proof that she is very popular. From this we can gauge that she can be a successful Bollywood actor if she ever forays into the acting field.

She was in headlines recently as she made her debut as a film maker and from this fact we can deduce one more thing that she do have a penchant with the entertainment world.

Many criticized her bold photographs and pin pointed out that she is trying to attract attention of film makers. When probed about this fact, she was quoted the following statement.

“If people assume I’m trying to get producers’ attention I can’t even begin to express how far away from the truth that is. When it comes to me I make and break my own rules. I love my privacy and being able to live my life the way I want to.”

Today we have compiled some images of her that show that she is Bollywood ready.

1. Krishna has an innate sense of style and this fact is reflected from the image below.

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