Who Is Your Lucky Charm?

lucky charm

lucky charm – Fantasized in the fairy tales and exaggerated by the movie makers,  the image we draw for our lucky charm is often unrealistic.

The reason why you failed to realise their presence in your life is, you are running after something which is better enjoyed on screen with popcorn and whistles than to imply on your real life. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on looking for something good and something that please you. Often considered same, yet your lucky charm isn’t your prince charming and same applies to young gentlemen. Talking about charm, then that might not be about how pretty they girl she is or smart the boy looks, but the vibes they give you when are around. Your lucky charm can be your best friend, your loving mother, caring father, annoying sibling, your adopted family member aka pet or the special one in your life. Find out who is your lucky charm by keeping these things in mind:

1 – Whose presence lighten up your mood:

No matter how long the day was, how cumbersome it was to go through all the challenges and struggle, you can be still happy. Your lucky charm knows the right trick to fix your foul mood and make you glee. Be it your pet who makes you go aw, your mother who embrace you tight, father ensuring you’re still a child who is process of learning any near and dear one.

lucky charm

2 – Because you worth it: 

You worth the best version of everything that comes to your way and thus in order to achieve you should not give up on striving hard. Your lucky charm will always amp you up and make sure everything you do counts worth. Because to you worth it, so he/she make sure you’ll get it. Yes, ultimately it’s your call, yet they helps to enkindle your path.

3 – Can bring the best in you: 

Like others, you are still halfway to success. You are a learner and thus you would undergo plethora of changes. Lucky you’re if you opt the good one out of all and work upon it. He/she would ensure that they bring the best out of you and foster your growth.

4 – Beautiful: 

We all in our mind frame beauty, to some it’s the soft melodious voice, for others it may be boldness, but what makes your lucky charm beautiful is probably something out of all these factors. You would love them and accept them for the way they are, because that’s what beautiful means to your, in their regards.

5 – You have his/her back:  

Practically you can’t enjoy loft of happiness without burning sweat and toil. Thus your lucky charm in no way associates to bring only happiness and bars to struggle. He/she meant to be your back, guide you and support you.

lucky charm

Interestingly luck in no way means fruit without hardwork, and so it implies to your lucky charm as well. You might be sitting next to him/her, teasing or playing, unaware of the fact that this person is the key to your heart. Lucky charm as described by your favourite fictions, differs in the practical life. So always try to seek reality.  Since your heart knows what the good vibes mean, it will select wisely. Just listen to it.

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