These Are The Signs That You Are A True Gemini

True Gemini

True Gemini – Every native born under different zodiac sign has different characteristic traits.

You can figure out a lot about them from their zodiacal attributes such as someone is way too moody while someone frowns upon everything. Someone exudes grace while someone is abrasively sarcastic. Some distinguished traits make us stand out from each other. A Gemini for that matter, like Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac calendar because they are temperamental and fickle. This is the third astrological sign in the zodiac whose birthdays fall around May 21-June 20.

True Gemini has a windswept energy that attracts people a lot. Here are a some key features about True Gemini character:

You are the master of wordplay:

You have the gift of the gab, much to the envy of your haters. You like to be surrounded by people of your choice and take leads always. There is always something missing in a hangout if you are absent because your conversational skills light up the atmosphere.

You are very creative:

People who do well in the creative fields are mostly Geminis because they are deft at brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. You never shy away from baring your heart and bringing your path-breaking ideas to the fore. You are spirited and also have intellect to die for.

You are adventurous:

Everything mundane bores you. You like to explore and go head on about it. You are very resourceful, charming and wise which makes people to accompany you in your fearsome ventures.

You are easily depressed:

You are a hyper-thinker and hence become easily depressed. You have overwhelming energy but being too judgmental about people leads to your personal delusion. You care for your people a lot and when things are not in order, you are always sleep eluded over trivial issues.

You are indecisive:

You have the twin-flame which one time makes you ride the roller-coaster of life and in another time you plunge into lows. You always need someone’s opinion to zero-in on a decision.

You have a killer sense of humor:

You thrive on humor and have a way with words always. Your jokes always make people laugh because they are intellectual and hard-hitting. You sometimes seem rude to people but they don’t know that you have an equally caring heart underneath.

You have panache:

You are a devourer of high-end fashion magazines and the most sophisticated styles catch your fancy. You have no qualms to spend your money on the collectibles from the renowned brands. People look up to you for fashion motivation.

You are passionately curious:

You like to sneak peek into lives because you are ever-so-curious. This makes you the best social media stalker and you can tell if a celebrity has repeated the same outfit before the fashion police could spot it. You have questions hovering in your mind and do your research to calm them down.

You are very fidgety:

Sometimes it annoys people a lot. You have a hard time sitting still. But if looked at the Sunny side, you have the vivacious energy which makes you do so. You are barely boring and snap ties with anything uninteresting in a jiffy.

You are a darling friend:

You can even jump in the fire to rescue your friend. You are the 3:00 am buddy and definitely master of the ways to make someone feel proud about themselves.

These are the signs of true Gemini If you can relate to these pointers, well, you probably are the easy-going-exterior-intense-interior Gemini.

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