These Zodiac Signs Are More Faithful

Faithful zodiac signs

Faithful zodiac signs – Liar Liar pants on fire.

Well some zodiac signs are bona fide cheaters because they are more inclined to manipulation, adrenaline pumping during the primary period of courtship, then lacking interest gradually and starting to have a wandering eye.

But the root cause of the heartbreak is that we always fall for the cheaters because they are luring, immature and seem to provide you cheap thrill that your life was lacking. So, apparently, you were hungry for love and you slithered into despair.

There are some distinctive signs that your partner is probably cheating on you. Also, you can judge them a on the scale of their zodiacal attributes.

Here are the Faithful zodiac signs from the zodiac calendar:

Faithful zodiac signs –


Cancer people are highly emotional and they just want their emotional needs met. They want to feel warm and secured in a relationship and they will be tied to their partners forever. Once they meet their soulmates, they will be wholeheartedly devoted. They one not the type to ditch or cheat you. As long as they are valued by their partners, they will never look for options.


Scorpios are full of doubt so it takes some significant time for them to let down their guards. One needs to establish a strong connection with the Scorpions and once it’s done, they are completely faithful. Just make sure their trust is not broken, otherwise you will invite a lot of trouble for yourself. Scorpios won’t let go of you without taking revenge, they exactly as faithful as their partners are. They have high standards and high self-esteem so will seek vengeance if their trust is breached.


Capricorns are the ones to make commitments. They will start planning their future if they find the warmth in a relationship. They are practical people and pretty happy in a relationship and end it upfront if anything goes wrong than cheat their partners. Also, Capricorns will take the lead if anything goes wrong in a relationship because they are the most faithful sign in the zodiac list.


Virgos are downright practical and will never cheat because they fear the idea of getting caught while cheating. They are repelled to the idea of being confronted while someone finds them guilty, and will judge a lot because they have impeccably high standards. Once found, they will be hopelessly devoted to them


Once crossed path with their soulmate, a Taurus can be completely devoted because they are pretty jealous and can’t see their loved ones go.


Leos have fiery ego but faithful to say the least.  A Leo native will be devoted to their partner as long as they feel respected by them.


They are compassionate people and will never want to see their loved ones suffer if they cheat them. Piscean people are so faithful that even if their partner philanders, they will forgive them and give them a second chance ..and back to back chances. They may flirt a little here and there but will never cheat their partners physically.


Librans get bored fairly easily unless they are cocksure the person is ‘the one’. They are not typically faithful and will trash a relationship when they have cheated citing it’s for their partner’s good.

These are the most Faithful zodiac signs in the zodiac list. People who date these zodiac natives, are mostly happy in their relationship.


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