Teaching These 5 Skills Should Be Mandatory In Our Education System!


Schools and college are the training grounds for the future generation of leaders and ideal citizens of the country.

It becomes their responsibility to have the right curriculum that prepares young impressionable minds to face the world as mature, sensible and sensitive beings who can contribute positively and productively in the nation’s and society’s well-being.

However, the focus today is more on theoretical knowledge that might or might not help in getting a job rather than helping the kids to learn to live a life.

Let me share with you 5 skills that any educational institution must teach the children to enable them to live an independent life.

1) Communication Skills

In our fast-changing world where people interact not only with their neighbours, but all across the globe, communication is the key to solve any problem. A communication gap also leads to major conflicts, whether in a family, relationship or on a country to country basis. Rather than teaching just the theoretical aspects of this skill set, more and more kids should be taught the practicality of it with live examples and should be given grades based on how well they practice it in real life!

2) Presentation Skills

Everybody goes to school, learns to read and write, give exams and then start looking for a job. However, even with the same score, one kid gets a job, another one doesn’t! Sometimes the difference lies in their presentation skills. And mind you, it has nothing to do with money in your pockets. It might play a slight role, but the art of presenting yourself and your thoughts in the most pleasing manner leaves a long lasting impact of you as an individual that requires knowledge and practice of utilising all possible resources at your disposal. Shabbily dressed people or those who don’t understand the importance of leaving a good first impression with physical presence, no matter how intelligent or rich, are never appreciated!

3) Technical Skills

There are certain skills that always come handy, no matter which country, what kind of economy you’re from. The skills of carpentry, plumbing or being an electrician or the ability to make something with your hands always attract a premium. I’m not suggesting these should be your career options, but knowing about them, having a mastery over either or all of them does help in the long run. During bad times when you don’t get an employment of your choice, you can always make do by bringing these skills into practice as a stop-gap arrangement.

4) Financial Aptitude

Earlier generations were brought up on socialism, but now we are moving towards capitalism! Hence, the importance of financial inclusiveness as well as understanding of financial aspects can’t be ignored. Children should be taught from a young age about the importance of fiscal prudence so that they learn not only how to value money, but also how to make more money without getting into a mess! Letting them plan their budgets, pocket money and other expenses can help them get a deeper insight into how money works.

5) Social Behaviour

Parents, family and teachers do teach the basic ethics and morals of how to live an ideal life, but the world is changing and it is no longer only black or white, good or bad! These differences need to be taught to kids so that every child is able to adapt to social order. A blanket cover of teaching these skills will never work as, for example, some kids are introverts and some are extroverts.

For both these types of personality, the world functions in a different manner. Making children learn about society and helping them to adapt accordingly is a must for educational institutions if they want to reduce crime and anti-social elements of the future.

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