Ten Life Lessons We Should Learn From Mahabharat

Mahabharat – Life throws many challenging situations. We are ought to face them all with courage and intelligence. And they are lot more situations of life that put us in dilemma – searching for the ways in which we can solve them.

Well, have you all noticed and understood about the different life lessons that the great epic narrative‘Mahabharat’ teache’s. If no is your answer, you gotta consider the following. And believe me these lessons for sure will get you the answers for most of the questions of life.

  1. Have the vision

Dhritarastra is the one person in Mahabharat who’s vision is impaired. It says that guiding the people when you know that they are onto the wrong path is no wrong on your part and doesn’t mean that you got no love for them.


  1. Unity is all

United we stand, divided we fall – is the one basic and most prominent principal of life. Remember the unity that the Pandavas got in Mahabharat. Let the task be anything, but its quite easy to attain it with unity among people.


  1. Better be with no knowledge at all, than with half knowledge

If Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun has known fully about Chakravyuh – would not have lost his life. That was just because Abhimanyu knew how he could enter into Chakravyuh, but dint know how he could be out. And so, half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all.


  1. Believe in the truth and fight for it

Strongly believe in the truth and fight for it. Like take the Pandavas that fought for what they thought was their right.


  1. Never let the greed over-possess you

Don’t let the greed take over in your personality. Just think of what could Yudhisthira win out of the greed. Nothing but for losing his wealth and kingdom.


  1. Woman are no less beings

The world today doesn’t exist without woman. Draupadi from Mahabharat is one example of women being strong, fierce, determined.


  1. Think twice before you speak

We are alwaysbound as slaves of the already spoken words and can also master the words that are yet to be spoken. Take the example of Draupadi, that dint use the right words by uttering the son of a blind is also a blind.


  1. Karma follows

Let that be good or bad, karma follows. Everyone onthis planet is here to face back what they have done in the form of karma.


  1. Plan well for a smooth sail

Wish to sail well, then you gotta have plans set out for the smooth and easy flow in life.

  1. Keep learning

The learning process just has no end. Every new day keeps teaching us. Arjun from Mahabharat has mastered knowledge and skill from Dronacharya, Krishna and Yudhisthira, too. And so keep learning and acquiring knowledge.


Life lessons from Mahabharat – Thus, this epic narrative has lot so much that are lessons to a lot many. The life lessons of this are perfect examples to the modern world’s problems. And sothese lessons impart all goodness that they have like the responsible behavior, moral acts and many more.

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