Things You Need To Know About The Syrian Civil War That Is Killing Civilians Until Now in Ghouta

Syrian Civil War

Syrian civil war – The history of Syrian civil war goes eons back.

This is the 8th year of the since the government of Basar-al-Assad and its rebel forces are at loggerheads.

Syrian civil war – The civilians complained against unemployment, corruption, dearth of political freedom and the repressive measures administered by the Basar al Assad government.

In the year 2011, around March the pro-democracy demonstrations inspired by the Arab spring emerged in the Southern city of Deraa. Winds of public dissent shook the throne of the incumbent and it deployed armed forces to crush the dissent which resulted in civil war.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the recent government bombings in Ghouta:

Women are being sexually exploited in exchange of meal:

The UN air workers are blamed to have been sexually exploiting women in exchange of meals. Reports even say that the locally appointed officials have forcefully married the victims in exchange of meals too.

Syrian civil war – Syrian ally, Russia ordered for a humanitarian corridor:

In Syria’s rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta, there have been shelling going on killing thousands of people so Russia, a key ally of Syrian regimen ordered for a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to escape the rebel held enclave on the edge of the capital Damascus. Putin has also proposed 30 day ceasefire but rebels have even been shelling the humanitarian corridors.

U.N doubts that North Korea might be involved in the chemical weapon program:

North Korea may be the one supplying raw materials for producing chemical weapons. The North Korean connection was established when the United States and other countries have accused Syrian government of preying the civilians with chemical weapons.

Syria is at extreme risk and travelling there is highly opined against:

It is dangerous security condition there and one mustn’t travel to Syria right now under any condition. The expats living in Syria, not only in the war afflicted Eastern Ghouta are being asked to vacate their places from Syria and return to their countries.

A huge number of civilians have so far perished in the Eastern Ghouta:

The estimate is 40,000 even after the five hours ‘humanitarian pause’ proposed by Russia. It was under siege by the Syrian government from 2013. Eastern Ghouta was declared a ‘De-escalation’ zone by Turkey, Russia and Iran where no Russian fighter jets were expected to fly.

How Russia devastated the city:

Russia has been relentlessly bombing the city from 19th February killing hundreds of people, mostly children, destroying six hospitals and medical centres. Government forces have so far used mortal shells, barrel bombs, cluster bombs and bunker busting munitions to occupy the territory.

Two people have been killed in the ceasefire violation in Syria:

There was a truce for 2 hours in the Eastern Ghouta but the Syrian government forces launched fresh attacks in the rebel stronghold Damascus. However, in Douma, one of Eastern Ghouta’s main towns, two people including a woman have been killed under the ceasefire violations.

This is Syrian civil war – It is reported by Al Jazeera that Russia has been committing war crimes against Syria for quite some time and civilians were being targeted but this time in Ghouta it broke all barriers.

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