5 Things To Tell Your Manager On Your Next Performance Review

we tell you a few thing you need to tell your manager on your next performance review.

It happens every week or every month, depending on the organization you work with. A meeting is called on the last working day of the month and your performance is rated. Not only is it rated but is also compared to others, who probably fared well, though they had an equal number of responsibilites as you did.

No doubt, performance reviews are a time to get feedback on the way you’ve worked throughout the month. But what we don’t realise is that it is also a time to share your own goals and feedback for your future with your manager. After all, you’re very much a part of the team and you need to talk about your goals and what’d make you a better employee can in the end, help your boss be a stronger and successful leader. So, we tell you a few thing you need to tell your manager on your next performance review. Read on!

1. What are you happy about

In any review, all your employers talk about is progress. Your progress, the company’s progress and your contribution in the company’s progress. But what you need to talk to him/her about should be your own opportunities to improve. Even your manager would be more than happy to talk about your job or your life and how can he/she help you achieve it.

2. Your growth in the organization

Have you ever tried to tell you manager about how much do you want to grow in your organization? You may not agree with me, but managers do value employees who talk to them about their growth and goals. After all, having a more skilled and efficient team leads to a better work culture and hence a better company. If you tell them about you needing help in a particular area, you show them a way of utilising your interests in the best way possible.

3. Where do you see the company ten years from now

Your review is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about your vision for the company. Your goals, your future, the company’s future, and how are they related to other. Always talk about the bigger picture, examining the components as a whole and the benefits that’ll bring to the company. Your employers very well know about the value of an employee and their contribution to the organization.

4. How can you give your best

Supporting employees and providing the best means and technology to them, is the most challenging part in any organization. Your manager’s experience may not necessarily make him/her more familiar with the new technology or process. So, don’t forget to gie your honest opinion as it might prove quite valuable in your next review.

5. What you want your manager to stop doing

Companies generally progress due to new innovations or by an addition to old ones. You are expected to come up with new and unique ideas so as to make the product perform better. Anything that caters to hinder your thinking in any way, should be stopped immediately. Can’t agree more?

For the manager: Say, if your marketing personnel is getting you new projects and in return your company is gaining recognition among the masses or is getting revenue of some sort in return, he/she is doing the job satisfactorily. The manager interrupting in every tiny step of towards the deal, while he is about to crack it, would not only fail the deal, but would also cause tension between the two.

Your manager could be lousy at expressing appreciation or could criticize every work of yours. But it is you who knows how hard have you been working. So, the next time you get a bad review or are not satisfied with it, make sure you let your boss know about the above mentioned things.

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