Interesting Religious Facts of Epics Purandara Dasa

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Religious facts of Epics by Purandara Dasa are in remembrance from the time of the Bhakti Movement. He is famous for his preaching through his melodious songs. The period in which religious preaching was made open to people so that they can know about the epics and poems. The easy form of preaching Vedas, religious books, and epics were possible through the changes in the Bhakti movement.

To know about the interesting fact about Purandara Dasa it is vital to look into his dedication and contribution to the religion, preaching of Vedas.

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Purandara Dasa was a merchant

Being Saint by soul he was a merchant by profession to deal with the diamond business. At his early age, he has trained in music and languages apart from studies. After the death of his parent’s he started to work for his family business of diamond merchant selling gemstones and as a mortgage provider. His early life and later life had a contradictory phase showing the change and his dedication to religion and culture.

Dasa Sahitya

The composition of the “Dasa Sahitya” is the book on Lord Vishnu. The cultural and religious facts were described in the Kannada language. Penned by Purandara Dasa based on Krishna it is believed to be one of the best epics of time in the Bhakti movement.

Quotes and songs on not only Lord Krishna but also about other Hindu Goddess in mentioned in his epic of Purananda Dasa.

Carnatic music compositions by purandara dasa

His all songs are in Carnatic compositions, he also introduced Ragas. Being a music composer as a scholar in Carnatic music he was a great singer. Entirely thoughts of contributing to music his focus were also on preaching the religion from the old Vedas. Making the entire verdicts and lines easier to learn and know about the scripts.

Not being able to understand the ancient forms of scripts it was difficult to preach about the religions. The revolution made the entire process of learning faster and easier.

Transcribed Srimad Bhagavatam

Srimad Bhagavatam describes about Lord Krishna and bhagavata. The religious preaches for his devotees are composed by Purananda Dasa.

Bhagavata was one of the oldest epics that were rewritten in the modern form in the Bhakti movement. This modern composition is one of the important books of Hindu philosophy.

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Inspired by the Hindustani music

Purananda, the popular scholar was inspired by Hindustani music. He was a great follower of Haridasa but was always committed to the southern culture. But influence is observed in his practices and compositions of Carnatic songs. It is one of the distinctive religious facts that make him one of the famous idols in Hindu history.

Worked on social reforms

His work for the bhakti movement was able to bring huge changes to society at that time. The time was a golden period when there were no gender inequalities. Preaches had lit up to remove the caste issues and fight for the right of untouchability.

These are a few of the interesting religious facts that connected Carnatic and Hindustani music during the time of the Bhakti movement.

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