5 Career Lessons To Learn From The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

While you surf the social media networks and make your contribution in getting the stuff go viral, we tell you what career lessons can you learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

My news feed from all the social networking websites are full of updates from celebrities, CEOs, athletes and leaders, taking part in the most recent global sensation:

the Ice Bucket Challenge.

You might have laughed at your friend’s reaction to ice cold water or tried taking the challenge yourself (I did, but there wasn’t enough ice to take the challenge). But, what the Ice bucket challenge did to social media, it’s obvious that the initiative has achieved something every marketer dreams of.

While you surf the social media networks and make your contribution in getting the stuff go viral, we tell you what career lessons can you learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

1. Identify your goal

The Ice Bucket challenge was initiated to spread awareness about a neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, commonly known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The goal is to make participants either go online to donate or pour a bucket of ice water over the head, to make them aware about the disease.

Just like the initiative, you need to be focused on your goal. Know where you want to be and take measures to reach your goal.

2. Grab your opportunity

In the challenge, the participant generally nominates one or more people to take the challenge. While the response from nominated participants is obvious, there are a number of people who take the challenge to come into limelight, like Sonakshi Sinha did.

Opportunities do not come knocking at your door repeatedly. You need to grab it the moment you come to know of it. Only if you’re ready to take the opportunity as it comes, will you prosper in life.

3. Deadline

Those asked to take the Ice Bucket Challenge have only twenty-four hours to do so, failing which; they have to donate $100 to a foundation which works for ALS. Similarly, assign yourself a target, which includes performing a certain number of tasks within a particular time. Giving yourself a deadline will make you concentrate more on your duties.

4. Feel good about what you’ve achieved

Just like the participants feel good about having contributed towards a humanitarian cause, it is imperative that you feel good about what you’ve achieved till date. Your achievements are a result of your hard work, struggle and attitude. Good or bad times do not matter. What matters is how you made your way through them.

5. Teamwork multiplies productivity

The ALS challenge calls on three additional people to participate, creating multiples of three with every nomination. Teamwork, without doubt, increases your productivity. No matter which industry you work in, the more number of people involved in a team, more will be the productivity and higher will be the success rate.

The process of learning never stops. No matter how old you grow, you will have something to learn from everything and everybody around you. What you need to do, is think about how can you implement the positives and ignore the negatives.

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