Here Are Reasons Why Climbing Mountain Kailash is Challenging

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It is true that the Mountain Kailash is not climbable; a difficult and steep path is not the only reason. Located in the western part of the Tibetan areas climbing the top has not been in the victory of anyone. According to the ancient stories, it is believed that only one person Milarepa, a Buddhist monk had climbed the mountain.

Whoever wanted to reach the top was unsuccessful and their life ended up with a mysterious death. It is somewhere a blind belief that climbing till the top will disturb the Gods. Approximately four people had tried and they were no longer alive.

Is it rudeness? Or there is a reason behind it?

There is hardly anything offensive to come close to God. The strange energy of aging persists in the range of Kailash Mountain. The sad part of the area is that a person will increase or speed up the time of aging. Whoever has visited their nails and hair has grown faster. Comparing to the normal life of a person the life speeds up to two weeks. Is it time travel? It is when a person can travel two weeks forward after they start traveling to the mountain. That too within 12 hours of traveling to the mountain the nails and hair grow at a higher speed. This is one of the reasons that Kailash Mountain is restricted and climbers find it challenging.

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Mountain Kailash is Restricted not to disturb the holiness

It was after the Buddhist monk returned back and suggested not to disturb the holiness of the mountain. It is the place of Lord Shiva. An energy that flows throughout the mountain ranges and the two lakes, Mansarovar and Rakshas Tal Lake restrict the climbers and trekkers. This is according to the Hindus’ point of view that trekkers and climbers are restricted as it can disturb Lord Shiva Existence.

Those who forcibly wanted to climb have grown older faster and died after few years. The weather condition of the mountain is a great challenge that has restricted people to travel. The intense chilled weather within the snowy path has made it difficult to climb up. It leads to the lack of oxygen also the extremities of cold and heat have made the entire journey impossible.

Is Mountain Kailash a pyramid?

According to Dr. Ernst, he is a Russian ophthalmologist who has studied Mt. Kailash. The mountain is not a natural form but it is like a pyramid. There are about 100 pyramid structures that have given the shape of the large structure of the mountain. It may be the natural extremities that are surrounded by the pyramids or the holiness of the place. The mountain is not at all climbable.

Till now only one person has been able to reach the top of the Mountain Kailash, after which he suggested not to disturb the sanctity of the holy mountain. The mountain or a structure of pyramids, it is challenging and almost impossible for trekkers and climber to climb.

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