Do God Really Look Like The Way We See On TV?    

God figures

God figures – And, the answer is “No. God does not wear ornaments like it is seen and sometimes glamorous avatar of God makes me realize if the real god ever has to see this. If he would, maybe he wants you to show the real image of him.

Nobody has seen God, so the matter of designing sculptures and re-inventing their avatars according to the current trend and fashion is all done by us, the humans.

Why do we exaggerate the God figures?

So people can look up to them as superior.

This is the one and only reason. Let’s take an example of God figures and God Krishna. He is a dark complexioned God but everywhere in Television, he is seen as fair or blue especially if the scene is of his childhood days. You won’t see a dark child and say he’s cute and watch him. (You Won’t) That’s the irony – we are racist even when it comes to God.

God figures

The preachers if come in denim, would you listen to them – no!

They have to wear traditional clothes and garlands and entry must be a high profile one. Otherwise, I don’t believe he is someone special. There are five elements we are made up of and God figures only believes in it. Other than that, the avatars they took lead a normal life just as others. We should not be surprised to know that we can also practice and become a holy figure. Needless to say, many of us won’t believe it but that’s true. What if we know there is someone called as God exists with no temples and nothing to worship? Would still the belief exists as it is now? Maybe no or maybe yes. Today, we don’t read the holy books, we only see the moulded versions of it as per the producers to gain TRP. And, this is all that we believe in. If this won’t exist, maybe we would be reading the books getting wholesome of knowledge rather than being lost in the fakeness.

Hinduism has the most non-believers

You can hear many people cursing their own beliefs. Some don’t like the idols worship and some have the issue with the waste of offerings made to God figures. Well! all this can be true but the fact is you can’t turn your face and walk past rather if there is anything wrong, what have you done to save your own religion/nation to practice wrong? You have done nothing. Instead, you start acting like an atheist but inside you still believe in a positive energy. Get your hands working on what’s right and practice it instead of leaving it as it in the evil hands. There might be business minded people trying to snatch money out of poor ones in the name of fear, not in the name of God. Aware yourself and your surroundings to protect what is right because a place of positivity is needed to overcome the negative thoughts.

God figures

God-fearing or God-loving – What do you choose?

God does not look like what you imagine when you think of him. We wonder if he is an entity or just a energy. Most of us or maybe all of us fear of him that he will punish us in doing a sin. Really!

Ain’t your own practices lands you to trouble and you blame everything on God. You expect a lot from God and business needs to make it true so people can depend on him and business get their profit. This is a vicious circle we don’t even understand.

God figures

Work on yourself, make it a loving figure, compete but with ethics mode on and work hard to succeed. Even if someone loses the game, he would win at the end and same with the winner. For all of this, change is a vital element. You think you are putting your efforts but nothing you gain from it, indulge in some change within your lifestyle and you will definitely see positive results around you. Make happy relations with everyone around, your relatives, your neighbours, basically talk to people, try to strike a conversation and then you will know your own shortcomings. Your thoughts will eventually get broaden up and you will start observing, analysing things in a better way. Your judgments for everyone passing by will vanish because then you will start to see the world from the other side as well. Try to be more realistic than to be in an imaginary world. Be real with God too.

God figures

Starting off with the image of a God has a reason to give it a thought on what we are practising wrong till now and what we can do. Start living your life as you wanted, shred off all the negative thoughts and work hard on your dream project. Life will be easy and beautiful once you start to see God as someone loving who does no bad to anyone and not someone who punishes and want to be a superior being.

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