Does God Really Exist?

Existence of God

Existence of God – This question has been in debate since the presence of our ancestors.

And we are still hovering around the same. It is believed that a precise answer to this question shall unveil many other mysteries that revolve around the same issue. Some of the questions which we come across are From where do we come from and what is the purpose for human existence?

I hope, there are many more questions beyond these two that might have roofed in your mind. Once again, let us replenish our very age-old question: Do God Really Exist?

Existence of God

Before answering this question, let us evaluate from philosophical perspectives. The very practical strata of Indian society are of the belief that what we see from eyes justifies its existence. As no two human beings are entirely alike, our philosophical predispositions too differ and that’s the true meaning of survival. For each statement made, there has to be a counter statement which analyses an incident from the other side of the coin. Other strata of Indian society are purely religious ones. When it comes to a debate between the religious strata and the practical strata on the issue of God’s existence, it is the religious strata which dominate.

Being a student and a staunch follower of the Scientific world, for me too, practical life accounts far ahead than the spiritual beliefs. But this doesn’t mean that I do not trust for the God’s existence. Even science agrees that we can’t see air but are fortunate enough to sense it. Similar is the belief in God. Those who are lucky enough to detect the presence of God believes in the existence of God. Now, assuming God doesn’t mean that we can see God or visualise his appearance. No human being present on the earth is so spiritual enough to have an interaction with God on a daily basis. So how do sense the existence of God? A big question right? Well! Let us try to decode some of these things. Who knows, possibly we might come across a surprising fact.

Existence of God

The complexity of the universe still prevails today as it was decades back during its initial stages of formation:

We all know the fact that the world is highly complex in its origin. As more and more our astronomers keep on digging in to unveil the beautifying mystery of our magnificent universe, the more it comes up with new ones.


Regardless of any specific reason, our planet Earth continues to be in it perfect size and shape. It is the only planet to be blessed with the right to support all life forms. No wonder, how hot its interior is, this blue planet continues to rotate (around itself) and revolve (around the sun) in its scheduled pattern.


We all know that water or Jal is essential for our existence. But have you ever wondered what makes the water retain its colourless, odourless and tasteless status even though we can’t live without it? Scientifically proven theories will explain to you about the transparent, odourless and tasteless nature of water. With the existence of innumerable humans, plants, industrial processes, and other set-ups requiring a large amount of water, still, the 2.5 per cent of water is enough to quench everyone’s thirst.

There are many such instances where even Science had to bend its knees before God. Imagine either you or your loved one is struggling right between the door of existence and death. Whom shall you first approach? Your books, degree or you automatically join your hands for prayers? Even in the wrath of extremely critical situations, the professionally qualified doctors to asks you to leave everything on God.

We all achieve success throughout our life.  Our success depends upon our intelligence level and our supremacy in our chose domains. Imagine from where does this intelligence comes from? Is it Google that makes you smarter or your books and researches that make you intelligent? Many philosophers have timely penned down the importance of the existence of supernatural powers that govern the entire functioning of this mysterious universe. Imagine, one fine morning you wake up early from your bed, peep out of your window and witness the sun rising from the west. Can you do anything? All your researches, thesis and assumptions will be ruled out if this happens some day or the other.

Believing in the existence of God or not is wholly a personal issue and ethics. From my views, I can say that it is not that everything we see has to be believed in, or something which we cannot see but still we follow it religiously is to be entitled as blind faith. If this is the case, who has installed a brain to coordinate your body movements and a heart to coordinate your blood flow. Is it human or artificial intelligence or is it any super-natural power who controls us? Think for a minute before you land upon any particular answer.

Existence of God – Believing God gives you strength, but blind belief won’t sail you through your life storms.

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