Comparison of Power Between Hanuman and Arjuna

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Hanuman and Arjuna both are the most powerful characters of Hindu mythology. It may be lord Krishna or his incarnation as Lord Rama in the epics they carry the lead in roles. By spreading useful lessons for the future.

Why are Hanuman and Arjuna compared?

They are different but at a point, Hanuman and Arjun are then compared for being the most skilled soldiers of their time.
Both have played a great role to win the end game after severe struggles. Both are fortunate who was able to see Lord Vishnu in the form of Krishna and Lord Rama.
Hanuman and Lord Vishnu are the two characters who have survived from Ramayan to Mahabharat. In the chariot, when Lord Krishna was with Arjun, somewhere Hanuman was hidden. The flag flying high in the chariot has the image of Hanuman that binds Hanuman and Arjun.

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Who is more powerful? Hanuman or Arjun

Hanuman was a great disciple of Lord Rama. According to the mythology, it is also said that without the help of the King of Monkeys Rama would not have been able to rescue Sita. The strength of the King of Monkeys is incomparable. When he lifted the huge mountain to save the life of Lakshman. His power and intelligence did not blend with any touch of pride. His presence of mind and down to earth nature bound with his strength and confidence.
Hanuman was blessed with the divine powers of God. His skills of fighting with Gada, building the Rama Setu with the battalion of monkeys. They are not magical but the supreme power of strength and intelligence. Hanuman was a great leader and a person who resists ego to develop in himself. Till the end, he was with Rama to help him throughout the journey to kill the demon Ravana in Sri Lanka. Another remarkable skill was honesty and the ability to devote himself to Lord Rama.

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While Arjuna was one of the intelligent warriors, his devotion was for his duty or dharma. It shows that he was an egoist despite being a powerful soldier of the Pandavas. Arjuna was one of the skilled warriors who was a great Archer through he convinced Lord Varuna to fill the pot with water.
Comparison of power of Two followers of Lord Vishnu
The main comparison of power is between Hanuman and Arjuna because they are the disciples of Lord Vishnu. It was difficult for Arjuna to introduce him as his disciple until he won the Kurukshetra. Sri Krishna has helped by motivating Arjuna when he was not able to develop confidence. Arjuna was a great devotee and believed in true dharma or duty. He was always committed to doing his duty irrespective of any situation or conditions.
Krishna had chosen Arjuna out of five brothers for his determination, intelligence and as a strong warrior.

While comparison of power for both the epic characters of Hanuman and Arjuna in Ramayana and Mahabharata, it is clear that Arjun was only a leader, Mahabharata. While in Ramayana he was a follower of Rama and leader as a King of Monkey!

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