Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere! Which One Do You Want?


An average Indian male is always in a confused state of mind!

Who to listen to? To his heart that wants adventure, excitement and fun or to his mummy ji, who only wants a sober, decent, homely life for him? Unable to select between the two due to his conditioning from the stone-age era, he makes poor decisions and suffers his whole life with a life partner not fit for him!

Are you able to find your own life’s story in this?

I can understand as we all are in the same boat, well almost!

Look, nobody has seen heaven or hell, all that we have is our life on earth and it has to be spent happily while enjoying and having fun!

However, what most of us men do when it comes to selecting a girlfriend is we go for the so-called ‘bad’ girl of the society. Now how do you define ‘bad’? As per the double standards of our society, any girl who smokes, drinks, wears clothes that hardly cover her body and talks to boys or flirts with them is a bad girl! Simple! Now you must be wondering almost all men of our country do these things so are we all ‘bad’? Nah, these stupid rules are only for women, we men are the direct prasad of God to rule the planet! Hah!!

Anyways, so we men basically choose these girls as our girlfriends because we connect with them, we have a good time with them and somehow our sensibilities match. In short, we connect! You would think this is what is required in a life partner, that connection that will help to sail through the ups and lows of life, right? Wrong! This is not what our society teaches us! It says; go for the girls who despite seeking fun are domesticated by their over-zealous and over-protective parents, those girls who are only taught to grow up to be wives and mothers and servants of a family instead of becoming individuals and living an independent life! Can they give you fun? Yes, definitely, but not the kind of fun you may seek. You may want to travel the world; she may just want to raise the kids! You may have certain dreams and ambitions, her goal might only be to get the best out of her maid!

It is not that good girls don’t have bad aspects about their personalities or bad girls are like a black spot on the society. The whole thing is that this whole definition of good and bad is outdated, hypocritical and nauseating to the core! Goodness and badness of a human being are to be judged by the purity of their heart and soul, by their honesty, loyalty and such other ethics that make humans different from animals!

Therefore, stop being such an ass and classifying girls as good or bad! Girls are girls and should be loved, respected and treated equally as human beings, nothing more, nothing less! Choose the one who completes you and who you can complete and then take the most important decision of your life. It’s only one life, after all, right?

Live it on!

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