Signs Your Boyfriend Is Serious About You!


Sometimes it happens even when in a relationship, we are unsure about some of the things, and that include whether your partner is serious about you or not.

Are you still wondering if your boyfriend is serious about you or not?

Then read on to know- The signs your boyfriend is serious about you.

When he is there for you emotionally!


Emotional connect is the most important part in a relationship. When he cares about your feeling and emotions more than anything, take this sign positively. Your man cares only if he’s serious about you.

When he is proud to introduce you to his friends!

thats my baby

He takes pride in introducing you to his friends. He never shies away to accept that you are the lucky charm and love of his life.

When your happiness matters the most to him!


And he can do anything just to bring a smile to your face!

When he pays attention while you speak!


Even when you talk nonsense, he won’t be bored. He will pay close attention to whatever you are speaking.

When he can’t see tears in your eyes!


And he will do do anything to turn those tears into laughter. The guy will do anything to make sure you never cry.

When he doesn’t mind meeting your friends or family!


If it was just a casual dating, he wouldn’t try to be too friendly to your closed friends and family members. If you see your guy is getting actively involved with your loved ones, this is one of the sign he is serious about you and thinks about his future with you.

When he shares his secrets with you!


You know most of the things about him and even the secrets he wouldn’t normally share with anyone. Take a cue girls!

When he motivates you!


He will motivate you to do better, he will always boost your confidence and will make it a point that you never feel demotivated. He’ll always inspire you to do better in life.

When it isn’t just about being physical!


He won’t be just interested to sleep with you. And won’t disappear if you aren’t ready for ‘that’ thing yet after your few dates.

When you absence makes him worried!

Miss you

He would be worried for your safety, just like your family members. If you didn’t text him all day long, he would get a bit upset but would understand you were busy, but will ensure you text him at least to tell him what you were up to, as he was worried.

When he is there when you need him the most!



Without you even telling him. For example, if you are sick, he will make sure he is next to you, to care care of you and to make you feel better. He even understand your silence, it’s not magic girls, it’s love!

So which of these signs you see in your partner?

Most important sign is when you feel the love, the warmth and care in your relationship, understand it’s actually Ishq wala love for you 😉

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