If You Are Going Through These 10 Things Then It’s Time To Call It Quit!

call it a quit

Relationships are just as important as survival to a lot of us, for many, it is one key reason to survive.

But relationships too grow sour, and soon they leave a bad taste in your mouth. While we all want our relationships to remain forever, till the end of time, like many a bollywood movie would profess, it is important to know when to end it, because if it’s over, it’s over for good, and dragging it on would serve no purpose.

Lets figure out the things that suggest it’s time to call it quit!

1.  When the two of you have nothing substantial to talk about anymore, besides the regular how was your day. It’s not important to talk every day, but it is important to have a conversation.

2.  When the signs of pure affection like kissing and hugging are reduced to mundane day to day activity, like filling the water and throwing the garbage.

3.  The space that you two shared, has slowly been occupied by others. Before you’d instantly forward him an article that you just read and he would respond with enthusiasm, but now you forward it to a friend, while he shares his silly jokes with a colleague, but not you.

4.  You two don’t seem to share that passion in bed. Sex is an important component of any relationship, but when the fire tames or burns out slowly, there is an issue at hand that needs to be sorted out.

5.  You two don’t have those ‘talks’ anymore. Earlier if anything was bugging one of you, you two would sit down and discuss at length, but now you don’t bother anymore. Life anyway brings a lot of stress with it, why add to the complications!

6.  You don’t fight! Yes, that’s a major problem. While fighting all the while is not healthy, no fighting at all is a rather ominous sign, especially if you two used to fight earlier. It means you are simply not bothered anymore.

7.  Both of you spend a lot of time on you social media accounts, than with each other. You sit next to each other, on your weekend date, and whatsapp or snapchat as your order coffee. Dates are meant to be spent with each other and not with apps on your phone, and if you are doing exactly that, then you clearly don’t care about each other.

8.  You don’t know each other’s friends. He doesn’t remember you talking about your new colleague and you don’t know who his new drinking buddies are. It’s like you two have been living on two separate islands.

9.  You two forget to appreciate each other. Earlier you’d applaud him and reward him with a kiss even for the half boiled maggi he got for you in bed, and he would eat your burnt rotis with a smile, but now you just sit down with mugs of coffee and a newspaper without as much as a word.

10. You are with each other out of a habit. You’ve lost that longing, his office tours don’t make you miss him, he feels relieved when you go clubbing with your friends and don’t ask him to accompany you. You don’t even call each other during lunch breaks.

If these are the realities of your relationship, then it’s important you have that ‘talk’ and if you couldn’t be bothered, then simply walk out.

Life is big and both of you deserve joy, excitement, and the beautiful feeling of being with another person.

There is no reason to carry on with the carcass of a relationship that was there, once.

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