5 Science-Baked Reasons To Make Oats A Chief Food In Your Diet


Oatmeal – Being a North-Indian, I always saw breakfast consisting heavy stuffed paranthas, and sometimes bread slices with jam or butter but with transforming lifestyles, these days a very latest dish has joined our tables that are Oatmeal.

Oats have recently become popular among the fitness freaks and the health conscious people. it actually consists many science-backed reasons that prove them a healthy meal.

If you haven’t yet added Oats to your diet, here, we have listed 5 reasons for you that will inspire you to make oatmeal a chief food in your daily diet.

Oatmeal a chief food

  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Heart problems have become very general these, and the one major cause of behind your heart disease is increasing cholesterol level. The Medical & Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit, UK, states that oats are an effective way to reduce cholesterol.

  1. Control/Reduces Your Weight

Oats is a filling meal that saves you from binge eating and helps you to reduce/control your weight. As it is it is a heavy filling meal it stops you to have a big lunch meal and satisfy your hunger for long. If you keep yourself rigid to only Oats for even a week you will see a positive change in your weight.

  1. A Well-Balanced Meal-Option

It’s not only carbs and fiber, but oats fulfill more than 100% of your recommended daily requirement of manganese, around 40 % of RDI of Phosphorous and Magnesium, around 20% of RDI of Copper, Iron, and Zinc. Oats are also a source of Vitamin B, Folate and Calcium. The number of minerals it carries really sound healthy. In this highly polluted era where almost everything is lesser healthy than that it should be. So, you should add a healthy dish like Oats to your meal.

  1. A Better Choice For Breakfast

It’s a better choice for breakfast. Easy to make, healthy to eat. Whether you are a working women, a house wife or someone living in a hostel Oats are the easiest and healthiest thing ever to have in breakfast.

  1. Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

This high fiber food reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, as it provides you with a great number of nutrients it automatically reduces the chances of cancer in you.

Oatmeal is Delicious, healthy and easy. So, we can turn out that it satisfactory for both your tummy and wallet. Now, we know how nutritious Oats are. And the best part of Oats that it can go well with almost every dish, such as ‘Oats Idli’, ‘Oats Dosa’, ‘Oats Halwa’ etc..

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