Dating Guide: Why Do Men Cheat In Relationships

It’s a known fact that men cheat, whether emotionally or physically’¦they do cheat. In fact, it’s not just men, but women also have fidelity issues.

It’s a known fact that men cheat, whether emotionally or physically…they do cheat. In fact, it’s not just men, but women also have fidelity issues. Both men and women have different reasons for looking for love elsewhere, ranging from compatibility issues to possessive streaks. Let’s tell you five reasons why men cheat in relationships. Read on:

Attraction factor:
It’s quite a known factor that men like their partners to be attractive. So that they fit into a particular standard set by the society. If they feel that their partners are lacking in the looks department, they tend to cheat on them. In fact, most men like their women to have big and attractive assets and when they get a partner who doesn’t fit that bill, they look for love elsewhere. Most guys who cheat have a different notion of their partners and when they end up with a less attractive partner, they have no option but to cheat. It might not be the right thing to do, but men do it on an everyday basis.

Nagging issues:
Girlfriends or partners have a tendency to nag their men, whether it’s regarding constant shipping trips or dos and don’ts, women can certainly drive their guys up the wall. It so happens that when a man is indulging in an affair, it comes only with the good things like dates, dinners, movies and sex. It doesn’t have the constant ‘call me’ texts and ‘take me shopping’ requests. It’s more comfortable and enjoyable than regular relationships. Perhaps that’s why more and more men are afraid of being in an exclusive relationship and end up cheating on their steady date. Ladies, if you want your man to be with you forever, give him his space. Don’t tell him what to do and what not to, because the tighter you try to hold, the faster he will try to run.

Opportunities galore:
Nobody knows if men think of sex seven times in a minute, but their sexual needs are far more intense than their female counterparts’. So when the opportunity presents itself, that is, they have the means to cheat, they go ahead and do so. It’s more to do with having the opportunity to cheat than the tendency to be unfaithful. When an attractive woman wants to be in your guy’s company, it makes him feel wanted and appreciated. His ego is massaged and the only way to prove his macho-ness is by sleeping with the hot chick. It’s as simple as that! In fact, in some cases, the guy doesn’t even fall out of love with his partner.

Fun quotient:
When a survey was conducted in America, on why men are more prone to cheating than women, the guys who participated had a very interesting theory. Majority of them said that they cheated because it was ‘fun’. The excitement of a new love, the adventure of having to meet on the sly and the danger of getting caught were some of the things that made the infidelity game am exciting one. They were all of the opinion that they hadn’t fallen out of love with their partners, but were simply looking for ‘fun’ outside their relationship.

If you feel that your man is behaving rather odd, sit him down and find out the cause. It’s always better to ask and clear it out than going though agonising moments.

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