How important is fidelity in a relationship?

Is marriage or a committed relationship defined by fidelity? We find out…

Is marriage or a committed relationship defined by fidelity? And what exactly does infidelity mean? If your partner physically cheats on you, is it the end of the road for you? Or you would put it down as ‘sex’ and nothing else?


It’s said that for most women, fidelity is of utmost importance in a relationship. If their men have physically cheated on them, it throws the relationship off gear. But to some women (like me), emotional cheating is more devastating than ‘having sex out of marriage’. Not that I would forgive him for having sex with some other woman, but I would make his life absolute hell if he cheats on me emotionally. It’s a wound that is far difficult to heal than its physical counterpart. If you’re in a relationship, you want your man/woman to share every little thing with you. From everyday activities to taking important decisions together, you want to be there with him/her. Won’t it piss you off if he/she made decisions pertaining to your life with someone else? Isn’t that more heartbreaking than him/her having sex with someone other than you? At the end of the day, isn’t sex just a craving, like one may have for good food or wine or clothes?


Cheating of any kind if not acceptable in a marriage or a relationship as it’s a commitment you give to someone when you tell them you’d be spending the rest of your life with them. If fidelity is not a part of the whole deal, what’s the point of getting married and raising a family! There have been plenty of cases where wives have forgiven their cheating husbands just because they put it down as ‘physical’ and that it was a ‘mistake’. Were they right in doing so? If no, wouldn’t saving a marriage be more important than infidelity? And if you agree with this, isn’t marriage all about being loyal? Hmm…this is never ending, isn’t it?


We asked around a bit, and guys seemed a little more comfortable with the idea of cheating than women. Abhimanyu Jadhavrao, a budding entrepreneur, says, ‘I don’t think I would make much of an issue out of it. Sex is , after all, just that…sex. If my girlfriend/wife emotionally cheats on me, I might worry a bit’. While Bhumika Popli, a photographer and features writer, says, ‘fidelity is a crucial part of any relationship. If my partner cheats on me, there’s no way to forgive him. If you have decided to make me yours, you better not look at other women for the rest of your life.’ Krutant Iyer, a businessman-in-the-making, says, ‘I don’t think I can live with the fact that someone I am close to and wish to spend the rest of my life with has cheated on me. It’s a devastating thought. For me, loyalty is everything. ‘

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