Follow These 7 Tips To Manage A Long Work Day!


Many young enthusiasts who are determined t make a sound career in their respective field, do not mind working 12 to 14 hours a day. The long hours enriches them with the greater experience and they learn the nuances of the business. More the time spent in a profession, more expertise acquired on it.

But, sometimes working long hours is not a choice, it is a necessity, for many reasons.

In both the cases, managing those excruciating hours often seems like an ordeal.

For those who are entangled in the web of long working hours, out of choice or as a stipulation, here are a 7 workable tips to help you manage the 12-14 hours work day.

First of all, let us try and establish, the situations in which a professional is expected to work 12-14 hours a day:

  • When they are starting up as a freelancer
  • When they are starting up a new business
  • When a professional is on stringent deadlines
  • When someone is trying to make-up for lost time due to low efficiency or being sick
  • There is a business season which will last for only a few weeks
  • Took up too many tasks, not realizing that it will longer than expected to finish

So these are the usual circumstances, in which an executive or a business person is working long hours.

Now, keeping these in the view, let us discuss how to manage long work day efficiently.

1. Take Short But Regular Breaks

No matter how important task you are on, squeeze in a breather of few minutes after every 1-2 hours. Get off your chair, sip on a glass of water, take a small walk, look out at the flowing scene outside the window or simply grab a coffee. I do understand that sometimes it seems impossible to leave the table if you are in the middle of a creative thought process or something that is really into the flow. But trust me, if you start following this practice, you will realize a fresh flow of ideas and your job in hand will eventually take a lot lesser time than anticipated. Use you mobile phone to put break alarms, both for break on and break off times.


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