5 World Leaders, Who Can Change Our Lives! Is An Indian Leader Among Them?


World has become a very small place thanks to increased global co-operation in every sphere of life due to technological advancements.

While good things are happening all across the world, there are definitely some areas of concern as well in regards to terrorism, wars and global warming.

In this challenging environment, there are a few world leaders who can directly or indirectly make an impact on our lives with their actions.

Let’s have a look at these 5 World Leaders, who will change our lives:

5) Angela Merkel (Germany’s Prime Minister)

She is a strong lady and knows her power as well. She has been instrumental in helping Europe tide over the Euro crisis due to Greece’s meltdown. Now, she is at the forefront of leaders trying to handle the humanitarian migrant crisis from Syria and other countries impacted by IS warfare. Her positive actions will not only impact Europe and Middle-Eastern nations, but also India as it would make our neighbourhood a relatively calmer and peaceful place so that we can focus on our growth.


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