5 World Leaders, Who Can Change Our Lives! Is An Indian Leader Among Them?


And finally….

1) Narendra Modi (India’s Prime Minister)

For all his critics and those who oppose him for good or bad, this man is here to stay and will definitely make an impact. One, because he can! Secondly, he has arrived on the world stage when conditions are ripe for an era of Indian growth. With China slowing down and America barely scratching the surface of growth, India with its huge population and consumer class offers the hope to millions across the world for a peaceful economic growth. Mr. Modi realises that and is making every possible move to attract big businesses to India. Big investments mean big money for the local population and have a potential for the long-term growth of the economy.


Thanks to these leaders, world will look like a different place in a few years from now. Let’s hope better sense prevails and all these powerful leaders make a positive impact rather than pushing us in a war that nobody wants!

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