7 Reasons Why You Would Agree That Women Are Double-edged Swords

Complicated women

Complicated women – There are plenty of quotes and jokes written about how it is difficult to understand women.

One of the most popular quotes to emphasize this implication reads “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.

Men not only in India, but from different countries claim about the tricks that women play to have things their way.

In all honesty, men have women somewhat figured out and the conclusion is drawn as women being double-edged swords, Complicated women. They, however, can never express their thoughts, for the fear of subsequent wrath engulfs them.

Here we look at some of these thoughts on complicated women –

Women are guilty of asking too many questions. Hear us out before judging. Questions are fine, but these questions are the ones that make men feel guilty, even if they are not. These are just plain efforts for them to get away with possibly some mistake they have done (…and they succeed, too).


Some women often claim to be good bargainers while shopping. However, when men go shopping with them, women put them on the centre stage and watch the show from the best seat in the house. In case they end up bargaining, men cannot determine the need because it’s like bargaining for something that’s already cheap.


Why do women shop for clothes, is one of the questions that boggle men. Have they not looked in their closets? There’s plenty of clothes and very less room to add new ones. Whenever men put forward this question, “You won’t understand” is the best answer they get.


Every woman cries, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s good to let out emotions once in a while and men appreciate it. However, the one aspect that bothers men is that women do not cry unless their respective spouses can hear them.


It is no secret that women love talking. As per statistics, where women speak 7,000 words a day, men speak only 2,000 words. Silence tends to intimidate them and they will want to talk to men even if the latter is busy. But you cannot interrupt them while they watch television programme.


The number of bags men and women pack for a week’s trip differs, too. Where men will pack items for a five-day schedule, women will carry things that they require for two weeks.


Finally, why do women brush their hair before going to bed? What is the point of combing hair before sleeping?!


These are the reasons women are called Complicated women –

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