Can India Ever Get Rid Of ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Corruption’?

Terrorism and Corruption

Terrorism and Corruption – Ever had a thought, if being Indian makes you celebrate the winning of nation’s cricket team or such, also makes you ashamed when comes corruption or terrorism.

If by corruption you think of a big scam like that of coal, 2G-3G or Common Wealth Games’ then your definition is missing some minute yet major things.

From the time you cry first, to the time when people gives you farewell by shedding tears, you knowing or unknowing hands to corruption. Be it bribing the traffic police, when you are not wearing helmet of seat belts, travelling without tickets, not paying taxes, unethical use of Government aids and what not, you do one or many. To bring them to your notice, all these are corruption.

Terrorism and Corruption – Now comes terrorism.

Terrorism and Corruption

What was terrorism centuries ago is not same in context to today’s scenario. Our freedom fighters fought audaciously to make sure the coming generation breath in the air of free and Independent India. But what we see terrorism today is young, brain-washed people, nonchalantly causing harm to humanity. And Ironically, before they realise this, they are dead. The question that pops up at such point is, how can you stop those who aren’t afraid to die? By educating them! Note, by education I don’t truck to the poems of Coleridge, Tennyson, plays of Shakespeare and anything that serves complexity rather than some basic ethics of living.

They should be aware about the things happening, not in the world but atleast in their surroundings. They should know the basic difference between right and wrong, good and vicious, legal and illegal. When they will know this, along with the consequences of having done something wrong and being caught, they would fear doing crime as well. Moral education is something that won’t add good grades to your marksheet, helps you to lead a good grade life.

Education is a big tool to fight against almost all the social evils prevailing in the society including Terrorism and Corruption.

Despite of so many educational programs and Government aids the roots of corruption has not only blocked access to free education but lead to child labour and illegal trafficking. It is one of the root cause of making the gap between rich and poor wider and favours the prior and suppressing the later. Be it the alluring and fancy Bollywood, sacred jobs like that of Doctors, the preacher of justice; the Judge, Lawyer, Administrators, the makers; Engineers and Architects, Artists and all those who serve the nation in a way or two, all are prone to corruption. What allure them is not only the money but fame as well. But what is the difference between them and the uneducated, brain-washed terrorists, who too is bribed with a thought that could never be accomplished, and is a big lie.

Terrorism and Corruption

Can India ever get rid of Terrorism and Corruption, is still a big question.

To eradicate one, we all must come together and fight against both. What nurtures corruption indubitably aids terrorism. Keeping this in mind, if we work on implementing fair means of working, doing our jobs sincerely, rather than chasing increments and promotions and practicing illegal and wrong means to achieve them. Only then India would come out of this rotting crap of Terrorism and Corruption.

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