Bells Ringing… Happy Birthday Hon’ble Prime Minister

Happy Birthday honourable Prime Minister

Happy Birthday honourable Prime Minister

Gujarat has become state of celebrations for whole world while watching road show to welcome Japanese first couple. Kings would have not dreamed such luxuries of dancing girls on main road to please the guest. Culturally rich India has so much to showcase. This event must have become milestone in the cv of these participants.

The purpose to mention this is to celebrate every moment of grand show … unforgettable indeed.

Hon’ble Prime Minister has dedicated Narmada dam to nation with new heights today. He has also looked at the progress of the Statue of Unity of sri Sardar Patel the Iron Man of India.

This made me think ‘what I must wish for our dear Prime Minister?’

Firstly, ‘Let him be peoples’ Prime Minister’. That he already is because he is elected representative himself and has clear majority in Lok Sabha.

Secondly, ‘ Let him prove the status of Pradhan Sevak’. That he already achieved by social media.

Thirdly, ‘ Let him have healthy life’. Oho that he has got with his disciplined lifestyle.

Fourth, ‘ Let him be successful as world leader’. That he almost has become after
addressing diaspora in foreign lands.

Fifth, ‘ Let him be good administrative authority ‘. He has proved his mettle in Gujarat and at the Union Government also.

Sixth, ‘ Let him be at peace with himself ‘. That is so very obvious that he doesn’t scream or lose his calm easily.

Seventh, ‘ Let him be victorious in election 2019’. How can we foresee results of future election and even if we know, how can we declare as Aam people would blame that we have fixed election by EVM ….!

Yes none can claim to be the Prime Minister for ten years.

Yet Sri Narendra Damodardas Bhai Modi has acclaimed to be the Pradhan Sevak for ten years. He has self confidence as he knows his hard working nature and communication skills.

No doubt, many initiatives have brought results and others are on the way to achieve goal. We on the occasion of the birthday of our dear Prime Minister can reinforce that his project, Sankalp Se Sidhi be successful and fruitful.

This cannot be done by lip service or just be there for cleanliness for few hours or one day. The pledge means to contribute for the cause every day n every minute.

So here on Youngisthan we along with long Q of young enthusiasts are ready to join the movement initiative of our dear Prime Minister.

We shall deliberate, discuss and disseminate high end policy and plan to make our Motherland India :

Free of dirt

Free of corruption

Free of communalism

Free of poverty

This would be result oriented programs running continuously.

We wish our dear Prime Minister happiness of child’s heart on the auspicious occasion of his birthday. Sri Aurobindo believes that on birth day soul connects with supreme soul.

As being spiritually connected let there be showering of Light to guide and discerning wisdom to select positive people as advisors and friends.

Here’s our wish, ‘ o negativity and devilish forces! Leave quit immediately and never come back’!

Happy birthday dear Narendra Damodardas bhai Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Union Government of the Republic of India!

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