#MeraBharatMahaan Will Always Stand Taller Than #AntiNationalism

Gurmehar Kaur

I am a Bengali, so let’s begin with some Bong taste in the mouth.

Pizza is love, but Phuchka is an emotion. Momo is love, but Maa er haath er (cooked by Maa) Macher Jhol (Fish Curry) is an emotion.

But our motherland, Hindustan, is both our love and emotion. And anyone who hurts our emotion by doing anything anti-national, we are literally bound to flare up. AND I AM PROUD TO CALL MYSELF AN INDIAN EVEN BEFORE A BENGALI…

A few days back, Ramjas College of Delhi had faced thorough opposition from ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) when they invited 2 students from JNU to speak at a seminar on the ‘Culture of Protests’. The students were Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid. There was a huge fight between ABVP and the DU students, and also AISA (All India Students Association). But yes, no doubt, inviting a person like Umar Khalid, who was charged with sedition and was associated with a JNU event that caused anti-national slogans to be allegedly raised, was anything but right. This angered ABVP tremendously and they felt that our country and her Tiranga (Flag) were insulted.

Anti-national people like Umar Khalid, also termed as a ‘Kashmiri Traitor’, want Kashmir to be separated and girls like Gurmehar Kaur make bizarre statements like – “Pakistan didn’t kill my father. War did!”

So my question to you Miss Kaur is that are you trying to say that India started war.

Are you anti-national by any chance?

Hope not. Because your father died for the country, yes, for Motherland India. And how can we forget JNU student, Kanhaiya Kumar, who had also raised anti-national slogans and was involved in anti-national activities on the university campus last year?

I wonder are all these youngsters simply publicity loving, or want to be the political leaders of tomorrow?

Where do all these anti-national thoughts come from, and has actor Randeep Hooda rightly labelled Gurmehar Kaur as a ‘political pawn’?

I believe that #MeraBharatMahaan will always triumph over #AntiNationalism.

Our country is democratic, but if anyone takes advantage of the freedom of speech and presents an anti-national speech instead, then that is an unpardonable crime.

Many Indians who eat, drink and sleep in India, find flaws and nooks in our motherland, and even go to the extent of abusing and humiliating our country, which is so wrong. They forget that India is the most hospitable country, rich in its culture and heritage. Even foreigners agree that India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Hence, such an anti-national and hostile attitude towards our Sone Ki Chidiya Bharat Desh is highly unacceptable.

Many people who post negative stuff about the Indian Cricket Team, Indian Hockey Team, Indian Kabaddi Team, etc, or attack Indian sports persons on social media, are no less than anti-nationals. Also, there was an incident, wherein, Tiranga underwears were being sold in the market during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The camera had also caught someone wrapping the Indian Flag around his body during a match. All such hateful and disgusting activities can be termed as anti-national.

Some uncouth and uncultured people spoil our country’s property, for example, by writing things like Rahul loves Preeti or abusive words on the walls of our monuments or spitting paan on the temple walls. This harms, pollutes and tarnishes the national image.

The media is also to blame as it supports and encourages anti-nationalism in the name of democracy. A famous news channel had let the same Gurmehar Kaur, who hates ABVP and claimed that Pakistan didn’t kill her father, express her views and speak live on national television.

Women’s Day is coming and Gurmehar Kaur suddenly comes up with a dhamaka… Surprising, no?

My advice to all Indians would be that if you can’t be patriotic, don’t be; but at least, don’t be anti-national.

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