Then And Now Pictures Of TV Child Actors Will Make You Feel Old  

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From our own child hood, we have seen many child actors who have played memorable roles on the small screen.

Some child actors grow up to become actors and actresses while others understand later that their acting is not their calling and move towards some other career directions.

Let’s have a look at some well known prodigies who we are eagerly awaiting to see in major roles again.

  1. Tanvi Hegde aka Frooty from Sonpari

We all loved the character of Frooty from the serial Son Pari. Don’t we?  The actress not only worked in small screen but also did few films like Champion, Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi, Gaja gamini and several others. Now recently we came across her many photo shoots of Tanvi where she looks a big girl. She looks pretty and can be offered in any feature film soon.


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