Valentine’s Day Special: Publicity Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega!!

Valentine day special

What is it with India and marriage?

As if parents weren’t enough, now marriage pressure seems to be coming from the religious groups as well.

Apart from the two people in question everybody around seems to be more interested in tying their knots.

Couples Found On Valentine Day Would Be Married Off

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, how can we not have the religious and political groups teaching us the ‘virtues’ and ‘traditions’? This time, the code of protest of the ‘foreign festival’ (as they call it) is slightly different.

In U.P, the Hindu Mahasabha, as per reports, will be conducting a marriage test for the couples found celebrating V-day.

They would be forced to get married or if they are couples of inter-faith then they would have to go through the ‘shuddhikaran process’.

It is a country where we celebrate love of ‘Radha-Krishna’, who are characters from Hindu mythology only. Unfortunately these protectors of the Indian ‘sanskriti’ fail to recognize love, which in our tradition, is divine.

There isn’t any western influence of celebrating love. Whatever bond the two people share, if they are fine with it, what right does anybody have to question that bond?

Marriage is supposed to be a holy sanctity or a legal bond where people take the vow of being committed. What has that got to do with celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Forcing marriage is a crime and by putting these kinds of absurd tests, in a way, is derogatory to the institution of ‘marriage’.

Is ‘marriage’ an answer to every relation?

Why does is become so necessary to name a bond?

Kissing in public becomes an issue whereas people piss openly in public. Such a thorough structured way of protests are done to protest against Valentine’s day or public display of affection but when a girl pays the prize for being a girl in this country nobody comes to her rescue.

On a regular basis when a girl goes through series of violence ranging from eve-teasing to invading of her privacy, these protectors of ‘sankriti’ become mere spectators.

Valentine’s Day is purely a celebration of love.

These kind of people from various Mahasabhas are just like Rakhi Sawant who are targeting Valentine’s Day just because they want to do something for publicity.  

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