How To Cure Asthma At Home?

curing asthma at home
Curing asthma at home – One has to have a detailed insight into the disease before cracking a whip on it.
Fearing the disease, most importantly fear for the unknown possibilities will only rip you off your fighting spirit. If one has been diagnosed with asthma one must be sure that he will have trouble in breathing freely and there is no given time for the attack. Medication is important but there are many home remedies with which you can avert asthma or completely cure it once and for all.
Curing asthma at home –
1 – Surrounding:
The thumb rule is check the surroundings of the place you are living in, that is to say, excess humidity can cause asthma. That aside, taking care of your body makes you less likely to fall prey to asthma. Last but not the least, maintain your mental peace because asthma is mostly caused after dealing with bouts of anxieties. Here under laid are some home remedies by which you can cure your asthma, check them out.
2 – Clove:
take one clove and boil it in a cup of water until the water reduces to half. Bring it in the normal room temperature and add honey to it before consuming you are urged to consume the clove water twice a day for optimising the results.
3 – Mustard oil:
 the immediate remedy for calming down an asthma attack is to heat up some mustard oil, mix camphor in it and rub it onto the chest until the chest consumes the warmth and breathing process becomes normal.
4 – Ginger:
Ginger has mesmerizing qualities of curing asthma. Mix ginger and clove juice with honey and drink twice a day on a routine basis to cure your asthma in a couple of months.
5 – Coffee:
yes, you heard it right. Now coffee connoseiurs will be happy to know that coffee has all the properties, especially caffeine to cure asthma. Consume black coffee at least 3 times a day for a speedy relief.
6 – Eucalyptus oil:
it also has the properties to cure asthma and give a quick relief in an attack. Just add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and take the steam. It clears your nasal passage and the breathing returns to normal
These are the 6 most tried and tested methods of curing asthma at home. If you are having a chronic one then there is no other way round than to see a doctor.

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