Why Should You Fail At Least Once In Your Life


Fail once in life – If you look at all the great men and women throughout history, you’ll notice that they had one main thing in common. They failed, and they failed quite often.

Most of us possess a bad relationship with failure. We tend to take it as an end to our trial, as the way we tried wasn’t good enough. But looking into the chapters of history, the thing that can be concluded is- failure happens to everyone.

Escaping failure is not a sign of brilliance, talent or a genius mind. Only the fainthearted, overemphasize it’s relevance.

The only fact that separates people who succeed from those who don’t, is a proper understanding of the power of failure. Success requires that you learn from mistakes and those steps that went wrong along the way, rather than falling into despair and giving up. Here are a few reasons as to why you should fail at least once in your life…

Fail atleast once in life –

Because failing is a function of trying

The best way to measure your progress at what you’re doing, is the number of setbacks and failures you’ve experienced. If you haven’t failed yet, it is quite possible that you aren’t trying very hard. I’ve heard this around a million times now. “Failure is the key to success.” Truly speaking, if you wish to excel in something, you have to fail at least a few times. Success will taste much more sweet post that (wink).

Because you accepting failure is a sign of success in all

I have failed like umpteen number of times till date. Fortunately or unfortunately the elders around me never failed in their life, all they experienced was struggle. But struggle doesn’t always come from failing. It involves the desire to get something. When you feel that sinking, desperate sensation known as failure, you take it to heart; that diminishes your self esteem. But, being a master at anything is all about learning, how to recognize why you failed, and how you’re going to compensate for it.

Because failing motivates and builds value

If you look at the events leading up to any significant victory in history, you’ll discover failure as the biggest motivator. To genuinely create value, day in and day out, requires determination and purpose. While each success will propel you by a small amount, failure will forge your career – and your personality – like nothing else will.

Concluding, those who survive the perilous course of failure have emerged triumphant and are free to assert their artistry and craft-fulness. They have been hailed as heroes by their lesser counterparts for not having dropped out of the race.

Now you know why should you taste failure at least once in your life.

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