These Women Of Different Countries Are A Proof That BEAUTY Has No Face At All !

Women of different countries

Women of different countries – Beauty is a much underrated word, underrated in a way where people THINK that they are sensible enough to describe it through words.

Beauty is something that is best understood through art and a creative mind which is something obvious that we miss out. This Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc captured pretty Women of different countries from around the world which is a proof that beauty is all over the world, just stop defining it.

Women of different countries –

1 – This pretty face belongs from Azerbaijan. Well, it has been proven that simplicity is the highest form of fashion.

Women of different countries

2 – This fierce face is from China. Forget about the narrow eyes, flat nose and thin lips; her beauty doesn’t need magnification.

3 – This woman from Columbia looks like a real warrior goddess as if holding the flames of rage in those crystal clear eyes.

4 – This tribal beauty from Ethiopia is a complete pack against stereotypes, having visible tattoos to sporting scars, she looks badass.

5 – This gorgeous from Finland looks delicate like a petal. The wide smile and pointed eyes explain what beauty is all about.

Women of different countries

6 – This traveller from Germany shows clear signs of exploring the world through the eyes that look nothing short of globe itself.

7 – This queen looking dame right here belongs from Greece; the royalty she holds in her soul is prominent enough from the poker face which expresses a million emotions.

Women of different countries

8 – This woman belongs to India, the knife she has on her waist, the turban she carries on her head and the eyes all set for challenges is something what beauty is about.

9 – This beautiful woman belongs from Istanbul, and is a proof that you don’t need to match beauty standards of the society to stand individually.

Women of different countries

10 – The face like sunshine in utter wilderness belongs to Nepal. She feels so like home. Doesn’t she?

11 – Style and elegance seem to be a part of the gorgeous personality of this girl from North Korea. Do you need to tell her how to look beautiful?

12 – This face full of freckles from Russia looks nothing short of the moon which looks beautiful even after the spots on its surface.

13 – The young skin, teenage face and expressive eyes belong from South America. She looks like the human version of heaven.

14 – This retro beauty from Sweden looks to have been belonging from an era of her own. Just how a women holds worlds in her.

Women of different countries

These are some of the Women of different countries – women who are being used as hints to justify the fact that beauty is nothing close of what you DEFINE it. It is something that the 26 alphabets don’t have the audacity to express. Beauty is a feeling felt by the lucky ones and not by the ones who waste time figuring out ways to structure it.


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