5 Styling Blunders You Are Doing And You Don’t Even Know It!

Styling blunders

Styling blunders – Have you been wearing that favourite shirt of yours or those lovely pants that you love flaunting in a wrong way?

Well, to clear all your doubts, we have come with lovely styling hacks to make your fashion problems less terrifying and you more confident.

As a matter of fact, who wouldn’t want to express their love for fashion in the most comfortable yet trendiest manner? Obviously, since style has evolved a lot over the years, everyone wants their fashion game on point. But there are few styling blunders that you don’t even realise you are making.

Well, no worry, we understand these problems and bring to you the fashion foul-ups you should avoid.

Styling blunders – 

  1. That not so fitted Pants

It is such a terrible fashion disaster that both men and women end up making. I don’t understand why men prefer wearing puddling pants over fitted pants and women ill-fitted pants. Honestly, it only makes you look dishevelled. So, invest in the good pair of pants that enhances the right curves.

  1. Donning baggytop and bottom is a big No!

Always try to wear one of the clothing items fitted as, if you will don both top and bottom baggy, it will make you look broader and petite.

  1. Blindly over Accessorising

Accessorising your outfits by matching and mixing different pieces of jewellery definitely, adds that class and bling to the attire. But if you are already wearing a statement dress and also go overboard with accessories, it surely makes you look like a clown. Thus, avoid making such a horrible fashion mistake by wearing minimal jewellery and only with the outfits that require accessorising.

  1. Wearing wrong size of Lingerie

If your bra is too tight or too loose, it is time to invest in some new ones. There is nothing worse than wearing ill fitted lingerie. As it not only makes you look older than your age but also takes away the limelight from that gorgeous dress to your improper choice of lingerie.

  1. Trying to match everything

Yes! Matching everything from your handbag to nail paint with your dress is not considered fashionable rather it is a big time fashion disaster. To avoid it, try to wear neutral colour bag or shoes with bright colour outfits as it looks sophisticated as well as sheek.

These are Styling blunders that we follow unknowingly. So, now wear your favourite outfit with confidence by avoiding these styling blunders. Stay happy and stylish guys!

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