10 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water And Its Harmful Side Effects

Not Drinking Enough Water

We all know the importance of water in our life. We also know that an average person needs 8 small glasses every day. But are you fulfilling this criteria of healthy life?

From maintaining body weight to boost in energy level to elimination of toxins, there are so many benefits of drinking water. But many of us do not drink adequate water which is very bad for health and can be deadly as well.

So what happens to your body if you do not drink enough water and how to know?

Here are some telling signs that you are  not drinking enough water :

1… Your urine is dark yellow in color.

OK! it’s gross but you have to check out the color of your urine to know whether you are well hydrated or not. If you have dark to amber yellow colored urine then this is not a good sign.


2… You feel constipated most of the times.

Water lubricates our body organs. So imagine the body functioning without water! To make your body engine function smoothly you have to drink enough water as you know that not drinking enough water will lead to this stomach ailments.


3… You are having frequent skin break outs.

Skin breakouts are another common sign. Clear skin is result of well hydrated body.   So if you are sweating less and have dry skins with break outs then these signs are of full-on dehydration.


5… Your mouth and eye feels dry

If your mouth feels dry  as soon as you wake up then this is one of the symptoms that you are not filling up your body with enough water. Even if you have blood shot dry eyes then you must understand what is causing this problem.


6… Your joints hurt.

Are you suffering from joint pains often ? This could be probably because of water retention in your ankles and fingers  as you might not be consuming enough water. Just like body organs it is very vital for bone joints to be lubricated as well.


7… You are bloating.

If you are unable to lose weight this may be due to less water in body. The body follows simple formula that is more water and less calories and stopping of other fattening fluids.


8… You feel lazy, sleepy and stressed.

If you are experiencing tiredness and feel like taking naps. This is because your tissues are not hydrated and your body slows down to conserve water. So drink up and get the enthusiasm back in your life.


9… You are always down with sickness

Recurring sickness including head aches and dizziness is one of the common signs that you are not not drinking enough water. It is very important to flush out toxins from body and water aids in the same.


10. You feel hungry all the times.

Sometimes hunger pangs are due to thirst. Whenever we are dehydrated our brain gives symptoms of hunger. So instead of grabbing snacks try drinking water and if you feel satiated then it means you were thirsty and not hungry.


So the ideal way is to keep water bottle with you always and sip from it often and if you are extremely busy and tend to forget then you can keep hourly alarms. If you don’t drink enough water then it can lead to urinary tract infection or kidney issues like stones or infection. Also it can lead to bad Ph balance or body full of toxins which is deadly.

It is very important to note that you do not over hydrate your self as drinking more water is also injurious to health.

The best idea is to have right amount can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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