Why we need to stop fussing over Ranbir-Katrina

Controversies surrounding their alleged relationship have gone a bit too far


Are they in a relationship or not? Is Ranbir proposing to Katrina on his birthday? Has Katrina been banned from the Kapoor house? Are they getting married by the end of the year? So many questions and all we have are speculations. Mere assumptions. Because no one really knows what’s happening between these two, all we do is misinterpret a quote or read too much into a picture. But the biggest question of all is, why for God’s sake do we need to know?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are both professional actors who may or may not be sharing a personal relationship. Looking at their recent “leaked” pictures of vacationing in Spain they may as well be a couple but why do we expect them to justify it to us? Why do we think they’re answerable to us and need to inform before doing the deed. We’re such an inquisitive bunch of fans that we have made it impossible for these two to face the media without raising questions on their personal lives.


Ranbir has recently started giving interviews for Besharam and almost each reporter has asked him about being clicked with Katrina in Spain. I have to say, in some interviews Ranbir has given some really good answers clearly stating that he wants to keep his personal life private. But no, we aren’t satisfied with that and when Mumbai Mirror published exclusive pictures of the two outside the Kapoor house rumours now suggest that these two estranged lovers maybe fighting.

After the whole bikini fiasco, Katrina first reacted by sending an open letter to media asking to not invade her privacy. In an interview when she was asked if the whole “leaking” could in fact be a PR stunt Katrina sarcastically commented that if it was she would make sure she wore a matching set of bikini.  But ask yourself, her wearing a bikini is it really such a big deal? We live in a modern age world where people who lounge at seaside wear clothes suitable to the surroundings and last I know bikinis were the type of clothes you would wear to a beach.  So if Kat chooses to wear a bikini, a mismatched one at that, it’s her choice and none of us are entitled to object to that. Even if they were fully clothed and just walking around questions would still have been raised, bikini just added masala to the whole situation.

All said and done it’s undeniable that being such huge personalities these two can’t be spared by the paparazzi but my question is to what extent? Till when are we going to hound them and what if they one day accept their relationship publicly, will we find other couples to trouble? Bollywood is a huge part of our lives and hence curiosity over our favourites is kind of expected but the way media has reacted over Ranbir and Katrina’s alleged relationship makes me wonder if this couple is our William-Kate or Brad-Angelina?

 We need to stop worrying when Ranbir is going to pop the question or track their every move, and really stop looking for “signs” in pictures. If they’re together, in time we will come to know about it and if not, isn’t that their personal choice? In a recent interview Ranbir called Katrina a special part of his life and someone for whom he’s ready to give his life. Now doesn’t that almost answer all our questions?

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