Make Your Crush Notice You And Fall For You With These Tips

Make your crush notice you

Make your crush notice you – It is quite common to have a crush on someone; in fact many of us have many crushes right from our childhood. But how many of us would have really told the feelings we have for that special person!? At the least how many might have tried to speak out the feelings.

It is fine to have feelings for someone, but that it is real pain when we can’t tell the feelings to that person!! We might end up feeling invisible even.

So, here we got some tips to make your crush notice you and fall for you.

Make your crush notice you –

  • Dress smart:

You really don’t need to dress good to just make her/him fall for you, it is just to make sure that you are dressed up good in the best possible way. And this does not require to show off the glittery affair. Just dress good and be you.

  • Have a great sense of humour:

We all love to laugh for good funny stuff and so even the girls and guys do. Everyone despite of gender likes one who make them laugh. Just have a good clean sense of humour. Trust me she/he will enjoy your company to the fullest.

  • Be confident:

As we know everyone loves their GF/BF to be confident and of course sexy as well. Be confident enough and don’t fret when there comes a chance for you to speak to her. After all it’s all about confidence you carry for yourself at the very first look.

  • Show that you have an liking :

It is always important to convey the feelings you got towards that person. And in the process you can be flirty and keep complimenting them too.

  • Be there for her/him:

Let her/him feel that they can always count upon you when ever in dire need. And this requires you to stand by your words.

  • Approach directly in private:

When she/he  doesn’t seem to be noticing all your efforts or not responding, make a direct approach with an ‘I Love You’. Make sure you make the proposal in private or when they are quite few around.

These few tips can help you can make your crush notice you, get close to you and ultimately fall for you. It is also to be noted that in case of rejection, don’t get disheartened! Be brave..!! True love wins.

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