What Makes Mumbai So Hip And Happening Than Any Other City?


Mumbai, the city everyone aspires to come to and live in!

No, it is not due to any world-class infrastructure or the best quality of life or the best kind of food available! None of it is so out of this world that one gets tempted to leave his city and land here. The reasons for the city being so hip and happening are deeper than what meets the naked eye!

It is all about the attitude of the people living in Mumbai and the kind they attract!

Yes, it boils down to people in the end and Mumbaites have proven again and again that the resilience in them is way stronger than anything else! Part of it can be attributed to the fight for survival that sees no excuse for failure. If one has to work, one has to work! Period.

It is this indomitable spirit that percolates into other spheres of life as well. While on the one hand, everyone is running 24X7 to fulfil their dreams and passions and has no time for anyone else, on the other hand the same set of people also come across as helpful enough for fellow citizens and one can see that in little things on a daily basis. Helping a newcomer to get well-versed with local trains or guiding a stranger through the complex maze of government machinery, it’s all done with a smile on the face!

Yes, it also boasts of Bollywood and proudly carries the crown of the economic capital of the country; the fact that the city has accommodated so many people from varied backgrounds and made them its own speaks volumes about the maturity of the city and its people. With multiple sources of entertainment, employment and residence, it has something for everyone! Young and old can co-habit the city peacefully and enjoy their lives according to their own tastes and interests. The mindsets have evolved in a manner that one tends to overlook the small obstacles of life. One of the primary reasons being that no one really has the time to get into petty stuff!

Is that a good thing? In a way, yes, because having idle time to waste on unimportant things is a crime! It is better to keep one occupied with work or things that lead to greater satisfaction in life.

Mumbai offers tons of opportunities for those with that bent of mind and ensures that if you’re putting the right kind of efforts, you’re going to get the results.

Want to live a high flying life? Yes, you can!

Want to be the richest man? Yes, you can!

Want to sit on a footpath and have a cutting chai with your best buddies? Yes, you can!

And you can do a million things at any time of the day or night without bothering about being a male or female, from any religious background, from any class of the society.

All you have to ensure is that you don’t interfere in anyone’s life and do no harm to anyone!

Then you can live your life the way you want!

Give this city your all and it will give you back manifolds!

Enjoy the love and warmth it has to offer and in return be its beloved son!

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